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Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction – The Essential Facts

If erectile dysfunction is a problem it could be cause by or psychological as well as physiological or both. In either case, the results of this disorder can be devastating for those suffering from it (and their companions). If the root of the problem can be attribute to psychological factors, the great thing is that there are no health issues to be concern about. Patients were unengage to purchase cenforce 100 mg tablets from the 1999s to the 2000s.

It absolutely was one amongst the primary medications that may be take orally to treat dysfunction. These Cenforce 100 mg pills have helped a lot of men regain their sexual art, that junction rectifier to raised relationships and a more robust quality of life. It contains anit-impotence drug turn as a functioning fix, a comparative half because the starting in Cenforce 100 mg medication.

The psychological factors that cause erectile disfunction are:

  • Self esteem issues – confidence issues can lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Stress over sexual performance is an important element in the psychological aspect of erectile dysfunction. After a man has suffere ED and is worrie about being unsuccessful for a long time causes anxiety and may aggravate the problem.
  • Issues with relationships – having an unsupportive, tense relationship as well as a marriage that has conflict that is not resolve, may lead to an increase in ED
  • Stress related to work or financial
  • The loss of interest in sexual activity

The reaction to the physiological ED when the erectile dysfunction is due to physiological or physical causes This could cause anxiety in performance and thus be a contributing factor to the physiological ED.

Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction due to Psychological Roots

counseling: Depending on the particular reason the client can choose from a range of different kinds of certified counselors or therapists that are available (ie psychiatrists, psychologists relationship counselors and sexual psychotherapists). They all have various techniques to deal with, managing and overcoming psychological issues.

The Management of Stress: Besides counseling, any other method that works to ease stress could be beneficial in the fight against mental ED. Exercise is among the best methods of reducing stress. In addition to the physical benefits, exercising will also result in endingorphins being release into the body. Endorphins are your organ’s “feel good” chemical, and are the reason for feelings of happiness and the release of sexual hormones, and for increasing the threshold for pain, and to reduce the detrimental effects caused by stress.

The physiological reasons for erectile dysfunction can be attribute to physical conditions which prevent blood flow into the penis. To get an erection an intense flow of blood to the penis must be present. The result is that the blood vessels within the penis getting engorge and causing an sexual erection. Any issue that hinders the process has an underlying physiological issue This includes:

Heart disease

the chance of developing cardiovascular disease is greater for men with ED because they have a higher likelihood to be suffering from blocked arteries, also known as the condition known as Atherosclerosis (hardening of the blood vessels)

Blood pressure that is high (hypertension) could result in a decrease in penis blood flow and may affect a man’s ability to have an erection.

People who suffer from diabetics are at a higher risk of develop ED in the event that their diabetes isn’t control. High blood sugar levels could cause nerve damage, which could cause blood flow to be reduce and circulation to the penis.

Low testosterone levels, which can affect sex drive and the capability to get an erection are both affect the testosterone levels in the body

Certain kinds of surgeries like pelvic or abdominal surgical procedures (specifically to the prostate, colon , or bladder) can cause injury to blood vessels and nerves that are involve in the process of getting an erection.

Certain antidepressant medication, as well as some cardiovascular medications used to reduce blood pressure can cause erectile dysfunction.

Treating Erectile Dysfunction resulting from the Physiological Causes

Due to the potential for severe health problems It is advise to consult the medical doctor for a thorough evaluation. Treatments that doctors can prescribe for ED may include:

  • Medicine: Oral medications such as Cenforce 100 mg, Cenforce 120 mg, Cialis and Levitra are a great way to get sexual erections. They are very effective for the majority of males. However , they can cause negative side effects, and do not provide the long-term solution for ED
  • Testosterone Treatment for Replacement: If tests indicate low testosterone levels, then testosterone therapy may help in achieving erections
  • non-medical treatment: Vacuum pump devices and rubber rings are utilize to boost blood flow into the penis. They aren’t always efficient and must be utilize in conjunction with a physician.
  • The treatment for Penile Injections:This involves injecting one or more drugs on the penis’s side which can result in the penis harden within a matter of minutes. However , long-term injections may result in scarring. Another potential side effect is that the drug could cause a painful, long-lasting sexual experience, called prapism.
  • The Penile Implant:These are devices that surgically implanted in the penis and utilized by sucking a specific portion inside the implant. They can be expensive and should be consider only as a last resort, in cases where other treatments have been unsuccessful.
  • Vascular Surgery: The procedure targets the arteries and veins that carry liquid to the penis. This procedure is recommended only by men suffering from injuries to the vascular system because of trauma to the region, since it is an extremely surgical procedure.

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