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Tips & Tricks To Wrap Your Product In Custom Printed Box Packaging And Showcase In Mall

When a cosmetic brand launches any new cosmetic product, it needs to wrap up the product and present it enticingly in the market to convert the maximum audience. But, it seems a bit tricky for some brands to get such a custom printed box packaging that effectively depicts the high standard of its brand and the product.

Not all the custom-printed cosmetic boxes in the market are attractive enough to grab the customers’ attention at first sight. So, if you are one of those brands who are a bit confused while creating the custom printed box, then don’t worry. We will discuss the basic elements of the packaging and tips & tricks to make your custom-printed packaging distinct in the market.

The Seven Key Elements of Product Packaging

Before finalizing any custom-printed box packaging, it is essential to get basic information about the box packaging. It helps your cosmetic brand to get a perfectly designed custom box meeting the requirement of the product and the client’s demand.

There are seven key elements for any custom box packaging. These elements ensure the custom box packaging’s high protection and alluring appearance. These elements are discussed in detail below to give you a complete idea about how these elements play their role in any packaging.


It is the outermost first packaging layer consisting of a box. It is the standard box of Kraft paper, corrugated, rigid, or cardboard paper. Then it has multi-layers inside the box to protect the cosmetic product during the transit.

All cosmetic products need maximum protection, so the foldable box is enclosed in the outer box to store the product. Mostly we call this foldable box inside a ‘mailer.’


This is the main box or the container in which cosmetic products with their outer packaging is seal packed, which do not allow the product to move out of its place. It is the main box on which you can add your brand’s logo and other essential information. It allows your brand to represent its identity in the market.


Placing stickers on the custom boxes adds more charm to the beauty of your custom-printed cosmetic box. You can have several options like adding sleeve styles and attractive stickers to differentiate your custom box in the market. It is more affordable than incorporating other icons on the custom box.

Custom inserts

Custom inserts are made to keep your cosmetic product in place while adding an enchanting effect to the whole packaging. These kinds of custom inserts and invoices in the packaging positively impact your customers.


Mostly the clear standard packaging tape is used on the custom-printed box. But, if you want an attractive way to show your branding, you can use the reinforced paper tape and add your trademark. It will make people feel good when they just start unboxing your package.

Add on

Anything added on the custom printed box, either a small or a little large one, makes your product prominent among thousands of other products in the market showcase. Adding small items like ribbons, custom rubber stamps, and branded washi tape is affordable. It makes your custom box packaging much more attractive.

Tips And Tricks To Wrap Your Product In Custom Printed Box Packaging 

Some of the pro tips and tricks to wrap your product in the custom printed box packaging help you select the best custom box packaging design to stand out your cosmetic brand in the market.

Be creative

Observing the market trends, you need to create your own design rather than copying someone else’s packaging design. You will get many ideas while looking at the market’s latest designed custom cosmetic boxes. You can even merge any two most appealing packaging designs to create a new different custom box design.

Contemplate Your Product Packaging Needs

You are highly advised to select the custom-printed cosmetic boxes after understanding the need for your cosmetic product. When you have nailed down your requirement for the packaging design, you are good at designing your custom printed box packaging.

But, first, you should have a clear idea about your brand’s value communication and what type of product you are dealing with to go in the right direction.

Select Branding Elements Wisely

You have many options in the market to decorate your custom-printed box. But, your cosmetic brand must select the items which seem most attractive on the custom box. There is no need to go over adding all the items at once.

Try To Tell Your Brand Story Through Custom Printed Box Packaging.

Your customers get to know you through the custom packaging of your cosmetic boxes. It’s effective communication between your cosmetic brand and the customers. So, you should try to tell your whole brand’s story through the custom-printed box packaging.

For example, you can add your brand’s slogan and short mission statement in catchy words to let the customers appreciate your brand values and culture. It makes them feel satisfied with the brand they are using.

Use Trendy Designs For Custom Printed Box Packaging

2022 is the time when people try to find something unique to get appreciation from others. So, your packaging must be creative and different from others showing the artisans of craftsmen. 

Using these pro tips and tricks, you can get the maximum sales you have ever dreamed of. You just need to focus on minor details that seem little but have tremendous marketing perks and positive customer responses.

Make your customers satisfied by using the high-end custom-printed cosmetic boxes that not only look trendy in the showcase of malls but are also highly protective of your cosmetic product.

Explore the trending designs to get the best custom cosmetic boxes to reach maximum sales!

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