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Tips For Choosing Custom Candle Boxes

Custom Candle Boxes are a fantastic gift option for any occasion. These boxes are made of high-quality materials such as 24 pt. cardstock and corrugated cardboard. They are also printed using the latest printing technology. You can find a variety of different designs, colors, and sizes to make your candles look as impressive as possible.

Corrugated Cardboard:

You can find a range of different styles and sizes of corrugated cardboard for custom candle boxes, which can be made in the shape and size of your choice. Corrugated cardboard can double up as a shipping box, and its heavier construction makes it a sturdy choice for shipping lighter objects. You can also choose to have the box printed in either a glossy or a matte finish, which will ensure that your products look their best in transit.

24 pt. Cardstock:

When choosing the material for your Custom Candle Boxes, choose a sturdy and thick stock, such as 24 pt. cardstock. This material is thick enough to protect the candles in transit, but still light enough to be easy to handle. You can also choose a glossy or matte finish, depending on your preferences. High-quality materials will increase the appearance of your boxes and give them a more professional look.

Folded Packaging Material:

Whether you’re selling candles or other items with a personal touch, there are many ways to present them to the public. Folded packaging material is ideal because it allows you to highlight your brand while keeping it out of the hands of children. These boxes also come with plenty of space for company information. Your customers can use them as a guide when they’re purchasing products, and they’re also a great alternative to social media and electronic media.


Cardboard is a common material for candle packaging. The process of producing cardboard is known as compressing the sheets of corrugated cardboard under high pressure. The result is super quality and resilient material that can effectively protect the waxes in candle jars. Moreover, cardboard is a versatile material that is well suited for custom printing. Cardboard can be designed in any way that will enhance the beauty and durability of the candle.

There are two basic types of corrugated cardboard used to make custom candle boxes. First, there is single-layer cardstock, which is suitable for lighter-weight items. Second, there is multi-layer corrugated cardboard, which is a stronger material that is more durable and can double as a shipping box. Lastly, there are also several options for the size and shape of the box.


Custom candle packaging can be recycled and is becoming a popular trend. It not only helps save the environment but is also more attractive to the customer. Custom printed candle boxes can also be used as gift boxes, as they are more durable and eco-friendlier than plastic bags. They also look better and are useful in many other applications. For example, clothing stores use printed gift boxes to display their clothes, and mobile stores find them useful.

They are Recyclable:

Custom Candle Boxes can be made from many materials, including recycled paperboard. They are sturdy enough to hold candles without bending or shattering. Recycled cardstock is the most popular choice as it is recyclable and can hold three times its weight. Stock papers or cardboard are also good choices for custom candle boxes. Printed with a logo, these boxes are sure to last for years. They are also highly recyclable.

These boxes come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes. They are great for shipping, keeping in stock, and displaying in stores. They come in many colors and styles, including cube or rectangular-shaped boxes. You can even have your company’s name or logo printed on them! You can choose the best option for your candles by taking the time to select the color, size, and texture of the packaging.


To make your custom candle boxes more unique, consider hot foil stamping. In this process, a thin layer of metallic foil is stamped onto the paper surface, thereby leaving a mirror-like finish. The result is an eye-catching design that can be used for both standard candles and special-edition ones. Hot foil stamping is also an effective way to highlight intricate details on your candles and packaging. When choosing a custom candle box, you’ll have two options. You can choose from corrugated cardboard or single-layer cardstock. Cardstock is lighter than corrugated cardboard, and its color printing is more vibrant.


Custom candle boxes have different materials. Cardstock is thinner and offers brighter colors. Corrugated cardboard is a more sturdy choice for shipping. Custom Printed Boxes can be ordered online by providing the dimensions of the candles. Choose one that will keep the candles safe, while also being visually appealing. To ensure durability, ask the packaging company for the best material for your custom candle boxes.

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