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There Are 4 Different Ways To Get A Spooky Look For Halloween With custom eyeshadow boxes

The Halloween holiday will here in a few short days. The preparations to surprise and shock both friends and family have reached their pinnacle. For those who live for fun and excitement, Halloween is the most exciting and terrifying holiday of the year.

Customers eagerly anticipate the cosmetic goods that will be packaged in the creepier Custom Eyeshadow Boxes in an effort to make the products appear more terrifying and fascinating. By providing Halloween cosmetics in terrifying packaging, your brand can make the Halloween celebrations of its customers even more exciting.

Let’s dive into the four different options that are available to personalise the makeup custom eyeshadow boxes so that they are most appropriate for Halloween.

Use Eerie Packaging Design

This Halloween presents an excellent opportunity to boost sales of your cosmetic business; you shouldn’t pass it up. You can utilise creepy packaging designs to make the product the customer’s first pick by increasing its appeal to their subconscious. When it comes to personalising any Halloween theme, the custom hang tab boxes, pillow boxes, gable boxes, and any other design you may think of are ideal.

You have another choice available to you that will make your makeup boxes more captivating, and that is to obtain the boxes and then stuff them with frightening things. For example, you might make your custom eyeshadow boxes resemble caves and have monsters emerge from within them. The inclusion of windows in the bespoke box packaging demonstrates the amount of care you put into developing the contents of the box itself.

Include Marvelous Images in Your Post

It is required that frightening and horrifying images be added to the packaging of the bespoke custom eyeshadow boxes. In order to finish off their Halloween cosmetic looks, the shoppers are looking for these items on the spooky holiday of Halloween. My mind immediately goes to images of ghosts, spirits, zombies, and monsters whenever I try to think of something horrifying or disturbing.

However, there is much more to it than that. You can create vectors and icons for Halloween by using things like spread cobwebs, lit pumpkins, devils, and falling skulls. Without these spooky additions to the custom makeup boxes, Halloween simply would not be the same. In addition, you are free to incorporate any of the following terrifying elements into the designs of your graphics and custom packaging boxes:

hat of the witch

Houses that are said to be haunted by Animals and Beasts


Cats in the dark



pros devoid of vitality



When your customers reach the market, the bespoke cosmetic custom eyeshadow boxes you’ve designed for them will look more tempting to them thanks to these minor design details.

Choose a colour scheme that is associated with it.

These colour swatches provide the finest compliment to the design of this frightening and creepy festival while yet preserving the atmosphere of the event.


For Halloween, one of the hues that is most commonly used is purple. It is commonly connected with enigmas and otherworldly beings, particularly those connected with enchantment, potency, and witchcraft.


The coming of fall is signalled by the blend of orange and brown colours in the landscape. The season of autumn can be represented by using this colour.


There is another name for it, which is “the hue of terror and death.” This colour lends an air of intrigue to the purpose.


The colour red is often used to represent blood and wounds. The colour red serves as a warning and an indication of potential risk. At Halloween, you should watch out for the colour red!


Orange is the colour that should be used for Halloween graphics. This hue is meant to evoke the colour of a pumpkin (a frightening one). It can be combined with black to create a contrast that breaks up the monotony of the dark.


Green is a hue associated with the environment, but Halloween is a totally different beast. To make you feel repulsed, the colour green represents things like rotten witch nails, alien skulls, puke in cartoons, the skin colour of zombies and monsters (Frankenstein, witches brew), and other such things.

Halloween Fonts

For the Halloween-themed eyeshadow boxes, a certain font style is necessary to make the packaging appear appropriately frightful. The packaging for the eye makeup is appropriate for Halloween since it is of good quality, it is eye-catching, and it has a typeface style that is sharp, sharpened, pointed, and bold.

The following are some of the greatest typefaces for Halloween:


Horror-themed Comic Sans font

Double feature

A delightful typeface

When it comes to printing spooky Halloween slogans, any one of these fonts is an excellent choice. Having your business logo printed on the custom eyeshadow container, on the other hand, raises awareness of your brand. If someone at the Halloween party appreciates the work that you have put in, there is a good chance that person will buy some of your goods.

The customer’s favourite aspect of the Halloween party is the eye makeup that is provided. As a result, the material that makes up the product packaging ought to incorporate your brand.

A pleasant experience for the consumer can be ensured by purchasing cosmetic packaging that features die-cut openings in a variety of configurations and dimensions. If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on Halloween decorations, it might be a really difficult task to decorate your eyeshadow boxes for the holiday.

Despite this, you may still acquire gorgeous makeup eyeshadow boxes that are customised just for the event. Even though there is typically more labour involved in the decorating process for Eyeshadow Boxes, it is still possible to create a distinctive theme for Halloween.

However, there is no need for concern because SirePrinting is here to assist you with the customisation so that you can effortlessly handle everything while staying within your budget.

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about the eyeshadow boxes that will be able to assist your customers in creating a look appropriate for Halloween. Eyeshadow palettes that are made to order and have a Halloween motif are becoming increasingly distinctive in the market. Therefore, your customers can easily acquire the Halloween-themed cosmetic product without having to conduct a great deal of investigation.


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