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The Ultimate Guide To Quirino Province

Have you been to Quirino Province? Named after the Philippines’ former president, Elpidio Quirino and located in the north eastern region of the Philippines lies the Quirino Province with neighboring provinces such as Isabela above it (north), Nueva Vizcaya left side (west), and Aurora on its lower right (south east). 


Quirino Province is a wonderful place to visit, it offers a lot of eco-adventure activities that you will surely love! So if you are planning to visit Quirino Province, make sure to bring your most adventurous self. Because the province is surrounded by mountains and hills. This is the perfect place for people who love backpacking and nature.


Where Is Quirino? And How Can I Get There?


There are many stopovers around the Philippines where you can stay, for example: Manila, Baguio, Isabela, Baler, Batangas, and many more. So if you are in any place here in Luzon you can reach Quirino Province via land transportation vehicles but with circumstance depending on where you stay. Buses, jeepneys, vans, trucks can lead you there so that you can know the feeling of being a visitor of Quirino Province. 


What Is It Like To Be A Resident In Quirino Province?


People who live in Quirino Province are called “Quirinians” and the majority of Quirinians speak Ilocano but other minor languages are Tagalog, kankana-ay, Pangasinense, Ifugao, Bungkalot, and English. 


If you encounter them when you are visiting the province then you should not miss the chance to dance and sing with them when they celebrate celebrations like weddings and giving thanks for wealth. On an additional note, Quirinians made a Christmas jingle entitled “May Pasko Pa ba?” don’t forget to listen to it!


Quirino Province’s Food


Foods to try on Quirino Province are not fancy food nor restaurants; rather they will serve you with everyday food like pancit, tapsilog, fried bangus, lutong bahay (homemade food) to show you what it’s like to live in a province.


SightSeeing In Quirino Province


If you are one with nature, then you will definitely love Quirino Province. Because this province has a lot of healthy trees in forests, dark prestigious caves, sight-seeing for trekking/hiking, tons of clear waterfalls, and a sports complex with a lake beside it for sports activities.


Quirino is a province, and Quirinians did a wonderful job maintaining their place worthy of your time and effort. The whole province has this raw and rugged feel, the places are all amazing. In return, be sure to follow safety protocols and follow rules implied by the place. You will find beautiful spots to take pictures and buy memorabilias to bring home the Quirino Province feel.


Key Takeaway


This article will not spoil what the province has in hand to show you but this is just to excite you and what to expect when you pay a visit to Quirino Province. Never ever forget to follow rules so that no one will be harmed on your visit and just enjoy this beautiful place. Also remember to bring home memories that you will carry when you grow up. Everyone is welcome!

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