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The Perfect Guide to Buying Towels Wholesale

Buying towels wholesale can be intimidating unless you find the right brand. Choose the best bath towels at wholesale to build your brand image. Especially for spa and hospitality businesses, buying wholesale towels is essential. Here’s how you can get an exclusive range of wholesale towels from one of the best towel brands in India:

Choose the right bath towel fabric

Bath towels should be soft and comfortable. When you decide to purchase bath towels in bulk, you need to make sure you pick up soft and comfortable ones. It is a matter of your business reputation, and you cannot choose anything other than 100% cotton mere towels. Cotton towels are soft and highly absorbent. It should be skin-friendly and not allergenic. If you are in the tourism or spa industry, you need to offer your customers the sheer joy of comfort and coziness. The best fabric for bath towels is cotton.

Always stock cotton bath towels to deliver comfort and coziness to all your customers. Purchase at a wholesale rate, as the premium Egyptian cotton towels are very expensive. Cotton is always top-notch and very comfortable to use. They are highly durable and help you wrap yourself perfectly after a hot shower. Upgrade your business and brand image by choosing 100% cotton fabric and not polyester blends that are affordable but not high quality.

Choose a bath towel based on weight

If you decide to transform your bath space and toiletries into an exclusive range of bath towels, the weight of the towels is important to confirm. The weight of bath towels is determined on the basis of GSM. It is a crucial factor that helps you choose the best bath towel for your business. In business, it is important to give your customers the best experience. A lot depends upon the bath towel that you use for your business. The higher the GSM, the more comfortable, soft, and absorbent the bath towel seems to be. When you decide to build a good brand image, invest in bath towels with a high GSM.

Higher GSM makes the bath towels dense and very soft. It will have the perfect feel of a cotton ball, which keeps your customer completely satisfied with your service and facilities. The bath towels with a GSM of 500-600 are always the best ones. Very light towels are not going to be very soft or absorbent. 300-400 gsm is considered lightweight, 400-600 gsm is medium weight, and 600-900 gsm is the heaviest. Why don’t you check out the range like Indulgence Bath, Tru Melange, Soft and Plush, and Aromatic Bath towels?

Visually check out the towel construction

When you check out the bath towels, you need to check the towel construction. “Construction” means how well your bath towel is constructed or finished. The best bath towels are soft and comfortable. You should not only focus on the softness or the colours of the bath towels. It is very important to check your stitching and the construction of the bath towels. Check the edges and sides of the bath towels. A quality bath towel will always have the best construction and double stitching so that there is no fraying of the fabric. If the towels do not have double stitching, the fabric will be lost and it will come out.

These towels are not on a long list. If you are buying bath towels wholesale for your business, you need to get the best quality bath towels so that you make the right investment. In business, you need to be very careful about the investments that you make. Make sure that the edges are neatly folded and secured with close, secure stitching. It’s a sign of good quality craftsmanship. It actually makes the towels durable so that you can find the best value for your business.

Choose the best colours and patterns

When you choose bath towels wholesale for your business, you need to choose the right colours and patterns. Upgrade the bathroom décor and fashion to new heights with exclusive colours that are unique. Make sure you get yourself some amazing shades like Acorn, Haze, Allure, Purple, Blue, Rust, Aleora Brown, Tourmaline, Frosty Green, Peacock Blue, Grapevine, and Halogen Blue. These are colours right from the arts with a touch of true elegance. Choose beautiful solid, geometric, floral, or abstract patterns for bath towels.

Wrapping up

Trident Business is the place to buy wholesale towels for your business. Limited stock and amazing discounts keep you amazed at Trident, one of the leading towel brands in India!



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