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The Most Trusted and Experienced Web Development Company In Dubai, UAE

Web development is a process in which people work to create a website for the internet or intranet and also help in the development of the apps. There are two areas in which people work first is the front end which is the user-facing side and the other is the backend which is the part of the system which is invisible to the user and requires skills in learning computer languages HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 

 Frontend also requires skills to make the user experience interactive, creative, and user-friendly. There are many concepts involved in web development including web design which implies designing attractive websites and maintaining them. Web design also consists of services like web graphic designing, user interface design(UI), and search engine optimization. The next category of service is web development tools which help web developers to debug the code various web developer tools help developers for example Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, opera, and safari. 

 The third category of concept is a web application which is application software that runs on a web browser. The last category is a web developer which is someone who makes world wide web applications using computer languages HTML, CSS JavaScript. 


web development company in middle East

 There are numerous web development companies all over UAE but here we will talk about Web Development companies in Dubai. One of the leading web development company in Dubai is Ajath Infotech Technologies LLC.this is the most profound yet expert in their field kind of company. There are loads of services in which this company is proficient like web development, hybrid, and native app development, digital marketing, wireframing, etc. 

 Creating a website of your own can make you go through many ups and downs but taking services from a company like Ajath Infotech can make you relax and also happy as they believe in working according to the customers and also giving them solutions for the issues that they face. Ajath is one of the most trusted and experienced companies in this field. 

There are many benefits that a customer can experience if he or she hires this company firstly SEO will help the website of the company to rank higher in various search engines. It will also increase the visibility of your website and make your website SEO friendly. 

The second benefit is that hiring this company can be a boon as this company as professional development team will keep an eye on how the user interface of the website will look and they will make sure everything goes smoothly without any hassle. 

 The third benefit is a web development company knows how to deliver the final product on time and project managers know the techniques of how to do it and so they work on it and deliver it on time. 

The fourth benefit is having a website that influences the customers and attracts them to your website can help you generate good engagement and also increase the visibility of your website. A company that is skilled in that field can help you make your website as per your choices and create it alluring. 

 Apart from benefits, there are demerits of web development which are as follows: 

  1. Performance- A web app is directly linked to a web browser which increases the size of the app and impacts its performance of the app. It considerably flowers down the speed of the web app as compared to a native app. 
  2. Security- the feature of safety and security is missing from the web app and it is on a higher level. 
  3. Availability: it is very hard to find a web app as they are not available in the Apple store or play store and it is also difficult to make people aware if there are available.
  4.  Web issues-If there is a fault in a website the web app would also be full of errors and so to have a good performance you need to ensure a standard website. 
  1. Internet dependence- The Internet is the main element required to run a web application. Low internet speed or no internet connection cannot help you have a website or web application of your own. 

Web development has a lot of scopes and millions of people have already learned this bunch of tools and techniques through which a user-friendly website, has an interactive user interface with cool graphic images, SEO friendly with all other features of the website gets huge engagement, and leads from the customers as it liked by them and the website becomes the brand of that person which gets popularised and customers start being loyal to the brand once they like what they see and also buy their product or service which they offer and use it for their own. Once the customers like what they see it helps the makers of the website to earn a lump sum amount of money. 


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