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The Miracle Of Face Massage Roller

You might have seen or heard about the face massage roller quite often now. The little gadget is ideally made from rose quartz or jade. Some rollers have roller balls, while others have a rolling pin with different roller sizes, which are fixed to both handle’s ends. Ideally, a face massage roller claims to offer unique benefits to your skin. The seamless act of massaging your face has plenty of benefits to your skin. It can help you reduce stress to a great extent while helping you release tension. It works the same as your body massage. 

Does face rolling really work?

Yes, a face massager roller helps you stimulate the blood flow to the face, which can help your skin look brighter. Rolling might help you decrease some puffiness by producing the damage, and it helps in reducing swelling under your eye to a great extent. Furthermore, the massage can help you get rid of anxiety while helping you deal with anti-aging effects. You can use cold stone, including jade, to store your roller in the refrigerator as it can help you cool down the skin on contact. These perks are mainly determined now, but some people genuinely enjoy how it feels. Furthermore, you can use the rollers with an oil moisturizer, so your tool glides across the skin, and the process helps deliver the product deep into your skin. 

Tips for using Rose Quartz Massager for Face

  • Firstly, you need to apply oil serum suitable for the face even though it is slippery. If you fail to have enough lubrication, then the tool can easily pull or tug the skin in no time. So it actually leads to wrinkles. 
  • You can start at the neck and roll upward, and for maximum results, you can roll up and not forth and back. 
  • You can start rolling from your jawline and go to your ear on both sides. All you need to do is ensure that you apply gentle pressure. Lastly, you can continue this motion from jaw to cheekbone. 
  • Then you need to roll at your forehead towards your hairline and ensure you do it only in the upward direction. It is ideally the gentle pull you would use if you tend to pull your skin taut and wrinkle-free with your hands.
  • You need to roll flat over eyebrows which might feel quite impressive if you are down with a headache. 

At times you can also perform face yoga without a roller. One can use Face rollers every day. You don’t need to invest a lot of time giving a face massage to yourself as all you need is a few minutes. Just 5 minutes of the roller on your skin can increase blood flow significantly to your cheeks, and it must be enough if you use the roller for around 10 minutes. If it starts hurting, then you should stop massaging without a doubt. 

Types of face rollers

There are different types of face rollers available in the market. Ideally, jade and metal tend to be cold gently, so you don’t need to store them in a refrigerator to give your skin a cooling sensation. On the flip side, rose quartz can hold its cold temperature for a long time now. Quartz is your best bet if you want a hard roller and you want to use it for more than one minute now. If you are looking for a soft stone, then jade is a good choice for you. A quartz roller might last you longer and won’t break if it isn’t dropped. You can easily clean your face roller by wiping off the excess oil or serum on it with a soft cloth.

It is always good to clean the roller after using it, as face oil serum For dry skin will be left on the tool for dry skin. You can also use a gentle cleanser to kill the germs on it. You shouldn’t put boiling water on the roller as you might end up damaging it.

Hence you can use the roller and get some beneficial effects like relaxing sensation on the face. You can also keep stress away while using the roller. 

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