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The helpful alternatives to smoking

We all know the dangerous health effects of smoking. Heart disease, stroke, lung and other types of cancer are all increased as a result, and it is the leading cause of mortality in the United States that you could have avoided. Meanwhile, many individuals turn to e-cigarettes, chewing tobacco, hookah, and cunning cigarillos to fill the void left by cigarette smoking’s gradual decline.


Vapor rather than smoke delivers nicotine and flavorings in these battery-operated devices. They’ve been around for nearly a decade, but no one knows the long-term repercussions of using them. Many products on the market have varying formulations and uncertain quality control. However, regardless of what the product’s label says, there is no way to tell exactly how much nicotine it contains.

While the FDA has approved the flavors used in e-cigarettes for use in food, this does not imply that they are safe for inhalation. Even more dangerous, Holm argues, are the candy-flavored cans of nicotine juice that can be tempting to children and dogs but can be deadly.


Smoking flavored and sweetened tobacco through a hookah is called “hookah smoking.” Water does not purify; instead, it cools the smoke, which is all it does. As a result, it permits you to breathe deeper, which may be more hazardous. Hookah advocates may claim that it is safer and best alternatives to smoking cigarettes, but Holm claims that there is a lot of tobacco in the device. You can smoke as many packs of cigarettes in an hour-long hookah session.

You’ve just smoked 5 packs if you did it all yourself. If you share a pipe with others, you risk contracting infections spread by contacting the tube. Even if the sellers say so, tobacco isn’t necessarily omitted from herbal-based hookahs. Hookah tobacco contains many of the same dangerous compounds and addictive nicotine found in cigarettes.

Tobacco is spitting out.

Baseball players in the United States have long enjoyed chewing tobacco (sometimes known as smokeless tobacco or “snuff”) as a recreational practice. While you won’t see as many baseball players these days sporting brown gobs in their cheeks, spit tobacco is still widely used. Snuff (for dipping) and chewing tobacco, among other names, are two variants of this commodity (for chewing). It’s a simple matter of sucking on the juices and spitting out the saliva that builds up in your mouth.

It’s not as dangerous as smoking cigarettes, but the problems it might bring are just as alarming, according to Holm. The long-term effects of chewing tobacco include foul breath, discolored teeth, mouth sores, cracked and bleeding lips, and gum disease. In addition, chewing tobacco significantly raises the risk of heart disease and oral, throat, and stomach cancer. The fine print: Spit tobacco contains more nicotine than cigarettes, making it more addictive.


Cigarillos, or small cigars, aren’t necessarily on the rise, but smokers who seek a cheap nicotine fix may turn to them. Unlike cigarettes, these goods are packaged in brown paper rather than white. Because they aren’t taxed like cigarettes, they’re a viable option for smokers concerned about their habit’s costs. Cigarillos are just as harmful as cigarettes, according to the fine print. They were cheaper.

Your best bet is to decide to stop.

Set a date for when you will no longer consume cigarettes or other nicotine products. As the date of the Great American Smoke out approaches on November 17, it is the ideal moment to quit smoking (or chewing) in the company of others who are similarly motivated to kick the habit. Choosing a date for your first step toward a tobacco-free life may not be the best option for you if you don’t feel ready on that day.

Make a plan, and then execute it. Begin a conversation with your loved ones about your decision to quit smoking and ask for their support. Holm recommends tracking your smoking behaviors, noting the times you smoke and the feelings that arise, and then deciding what you can do in place of smoking.

Is it normal for you to smoke after breakfast? Instead of that, brush your teeth. Are you accustomed to smoking in public? Drink a delicious beverage to keep your hands occupied. Is chain-smoking your primary mode of transportation for the evening commute? Chew gum instead of taking it the same way.

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