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The Do’s and Don’ts of Managing Bed Bugs

It’s critical that you attack the problem with the appropriate instruments and treatment techniques when you suspect bed bugs on your residential or business property. There are methods you may do to contain and control the problem before an inspection or treatment is carried out, even though hiring a professional pest management firm would undoubtedly assist to get rid of the infestation.

You may put in place interim measures to prevent the active bed insect population in your home, workplace, or place of business from outgrowing control by adhering to our list of bed bug do’s and don’ts. You can also really save time and money by adhering to the correct bed bug regulations.

The best solution would be to search for ‘bed bug treatment brisbane’ or ‘best bed bug exterminator near me’ to let the professional handle the situation. But until you do so, follow the below guidelines.

Bed Bug Do’s

  1. Do contact a pest control expert as soon as you detect a bed bug problem in your residence or place of work. The faster and more affordable the treatment will be, the earlier you can handle a possible bed bug danger. Additionally, by hiring experts, you may more quickly find peace of mind and stop your bed insect problem from getting worse.
  2. Even if bed bugs are present, continue to keep your belongings in their regular location. The infestation will simply spread further throughout your house or place of work if you start moving furniture, clothing, or other objects from affected regions, giving you an even bigger hassle!
  3. Following the discovery of a bed bug infestation, do not stay in your bedroom while sleeping. You face the danger of polluting these other regions of your home if you change rooms or start sleeping on the sofa. Additionally, bed bugs have the ability to move along a corridor in quest of their next meal and are drawn to the carbon dioxide that they breathe.
  4. Keep a sample of the bed bugs you find in your house or place of work. If you can provide your bed bug expert with this sample, it can aid in directing the extermination and treatment processes. Additionally, such initiatives can assist bed bug experts in determining if the reported insect is a bed bug or another benign pest.
  5. Make an effort to purge any cluttered spaces in bed bug-prone areas. Bed bug hiding places may be reduced by cleaning up and getting rid of clutter like papers, periodicals, and other odds and ends. Additionally, it will make it much simpler for our pest control specialists to get rid of bed bugs during a treatment appointment.

If all the above guidelines don’t’ help search for ‘bed bug treatment specialist brisbane’ or ‘bed bug treatment company near me’. And until your hired agency arrives, follow the below instructions.

Bed Bugs Don’t

1. Bed bugs can be eliminated with a thorough inspection and the use of effective elimination techniques.

2. Be mindful of the bed bugs. Early action will boost the likelihood of bed bug eradication success.

3. Avoid using the sofa or another bed for sleep. It may then become considerably more challenging to get rid of bed bugs.

4. Avoid attempting to eradicate bed bugs with unregistered products, agricultural pesticides, or garden pesticides. It is dangerous for people to use pesticides intended for outdoor usage indoors to get rid of bed bugs.

5. Avoid using gasoline, kerosene, or rubbing alcohol. These substances might start fires.

6. Avoid attempting to eradicate bed bugs with “bug bombs” or room foggers. Simply said, the mist emitted by these things doesn’t get to the areas where bed bugs hide.

7. Mothballs and Boric acid dust should not place under the bed, around the bed, or between the mattress and box spring. These items are ineffective and not authorised or labelled for the control of bed bugs.

8. In an effort to keep bed bugs away while sleeping, avoid using insect repellent. There is little evidence that common insect repellents, such as those used to keep mosquitoes and ticks away, work well against bed bugs.

9. Don’t dispose of furniture. Beds and other furniture may typically easily treated for bed bugs. Furniture disposal might transmit pests to nearby houses and apartments.

10. Do not keep items under the bed. Bed bugs have a lot of new hiding spots when things are kept under the bed. This makes getting rid of bed bugs more challenging.

11. Don’t move anything from one room to another. Bed bugs may spread if items are moved from the infested room to another one in the house.

12. Avoid covering goods in black plastic and exposing them to the sun. The bag won’t become hot enough to kill all the bugs. Similar to leaving furniture or bedding outside in the winter, doing so will only temporarily paralyse the pests. For a minimum of three days, the outside temperature must remain at 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

No measure of DIY remedies can help you from getting rid of the bed bugs, so it’s better to turn to the experts. Hope this blog helps you in controlling and preventing bed bugs once and for all. Do make sure to follow the advice of the pest agency you hired to maintain the bed bug treatment result.


How do you know when bed bugs have gone?

When you will start to witness less discomfort while sleeping, less bite marks or itchiness on your skin.

How much does pest control for bed bugs cost?

The treatment can cost from $300+ per room to more.

What kills bed bugs instantly?

The answer is simple really. It’s heat. But you cannot conduct heat treatment on your own as you would need special tools for it.

What is the main cause of bed bugs?

Travelling and buying second-hand clothes or furniture is how your home gets infest with bed bugs.

What kills bed bugs instantly?

Bed bugs and their eggs can be diminished at 122°F (50°C).

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