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The Common Pest Entry Points in Commercial Buildings

Commercial property and facilities managers are tasked with maintaining a variety of building types, from office buildings to various retail locations. Numerous organizations frequently use commercial spaces that see heavy foot traffic. This calls for extra care to be taken to maintain a tidy appearance and a sanitary setting. It should go without saying that insect issues in industrial settings are concerning and require urgent attention.

Schools are also commercial properties, so if you are an authorised person of an education institute, you should take pest control there seriously. Search for ‘School Pest Control Service brisbane/near me’.

Window Holes or Cracks

Everyone chooses to open a window because perhaps it’s a little stuffy in the office or someone brought a smelly lunch. No issue, correct? Most of the time, no! Leaving the window open for a few moments during the workday might also cause too many issues when it comes to bugs.

However, if windows are left open overnight or neglected, you’ll undoubtedly find some pests creeping around your business.

Possible hiding places for pests: Spiders have been found to enter buildings through broken screens or open windows. Look for spider webs in the corners of your office and the spaces between the screen and the window. It’s also crucial to remember that spiders eat other insects for their daily sustenance. Therefore, if you have spiders, there’s a good possibility you also have a pest issue.

Gaps and Cracks in Foundation

You should periodically inspect your property as a property manager to look for defects or damage. A pest infestation could result from foundation cracks if they are not swiftly fixed. There is no requirement that cracks or holes be large. A dime-sized hole can be used by vermin like mice and rats to enter the house! You may lessen the risk of a pest infestation on your house by keeping an eye out for structural problems and making the required repairs.

Possible hiding places for pests: Cockroaches can easily enter your home through cracks in your foundation. Watch out for cockroaches in kitchens since once inside, they’ll look for food and water. Because they are stealthy as well, cockroaches could be challenging to find.

Because they are stealthy as well, cockroaches could be challenging to find. Additionally, if you find one, you definitely have more, therefore for cockroach eradication, always call a professional by searching for ‘affordable office pest control brisbane/near me’ or ‘Office pest control brisbane/near me’.


All day long, people enter and exit your office building. Doors are continually opening and closing, whether it’s because workers are leaving for lunch or clients are arriving for a meeting. Even though it’s impossible to keep doors closed, pests frequently enter homes through open openings.

Keep a watchful eye on your lobby to determine if pests are entering through the front entrance. Pests are probably hiding out in your lobby or on ground floor floors if they are entering your building through the front door. Check to make sure weatherstrips are intact and there are no cracks for bugs to get into before your tenants start complaining about more critters crawling around your front door.

Possible hiding places for pests: Pests like ants are likely to sneak in through a doorway unnoticed. Once inside, they’ll look for any food sources they can find, including kitchens, trash cans, food spills, and more. In order to prevent an ant invasion, advise tenants to store food properly and to minimise spills and crumbs.

If the pests are coming back even after closing all the entry points, it’s time to search for the ‘best office pest control brisbane/near me’ as an infestation might have already occurred inside the property.

Delivering Packages

Incoming parcels may also have pests on the outside or inside. For instance, termites or silverfish might be drawn to an incoming cargo of paper products. Not to mention the cardboard boxes’ inherent charm! If the boxes notproperly recycled or are simply stacked in a corner. You can be providing bugs with the ideal hiding place. Make sure your tenants clean up any junk like this from the office so that there is nowhere for pests to hide.

Possible hiding places for pests: You may have a serious issue on your hands if termites or silverfish infiltrate your office. Keep a watch out for cardboard boxes, paper products, and other things consisting of cellulose since termites will seek out anything with cellulose.

Keep a watch on cardboard boxes, paper goods, wood products, and office plants since termites will eat anything with cellulose. Contrarily, silverfish will contaminate paper, boxes, and bindings. They may, however, be lurking around your kitchen or bathroom drains because they also enjoy moisture.

These are the most common places from which pests can enter. Make sure that you attend to these and repair any damages.

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