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The Best Bape Hoodies In The World

BAPE (Bath Monkey) is one of the oldest and most popular street products. With the celebrities on the left and the right moving BAPE constantly, it is surround by great hype.   Shark hoodies are a brand trademark. If you have never heard of BAPE, I wonder where you have been in the last 20 years? Founded in Japan by the famed Nigo, BAPE is one of the biggest and most popular streetwear brands.

Over the years, stars such as Kanye West, Jay-Z, Pharrell Williams, and Biggie Smalls, to name just a few, have been seen rocking the highly recognizable labels of BAPE camo hoodies. The most popular of all these designs is the BAPE shark hoodie. It goes with the shark head and teeth on the hood, reminiscent of WWII fighter jets, the killer look. Yes, the shark, the leopard scarecrow, and the BAPE panda hood are, among other things, all from the original shark construction.

History Of BAPE

As mentioned earlier, BAPE was founded by Japanese fashion designer D.J. Nigo in 1993. Hailing from Ural-Harajuku, the brand focuses on streetwear for men, women, and children. Currently, BAPE has 19 stores operating in Japan alone. There are also shops in Hong Kong, New York, Dubai, and Singapore. The original BAPE London street hat wearers will remember the Upper James St BAPE London store as well as the adjacent Hideout store. Unfortunately, both stores no longer exist for some reason.

 Currently, BAPE is one of the biggest brands in the world today. Several spin-off brands under the Mr. Bathing Ape brand include AAPE, Baby Milo, and Baby APE. Before founding BAPE, Nigo was already well connect in the street scene; he worked as an editor and stylist for Popeye magazine for several years and then went on to open his store “Nowhere” together with Jun Takahashi, famed for his Undercover work.  

Since then, BAPE has released many collections and worked with words much larger than you might think if you try. It has almost become a staple of the most respected rappers and other celebrities globally. After years of flawless success, on February 1, 2011, Nigo sold 90% of its BAPE empire to the Hong-Kong conglomerate I.T. Fashion team. Many people say this was the fall of BAPE. Things changed for the worse after Nigo’s departure, but the brand still produces new collections and pieces of high quality all the time. Nigo is still very active in streetwear as one of the owners and chief designers of the Pharrell Billionaire Boys Club brand.

The Shark Hoodie

This item is the one most people are familiar with, regardless of whether they are interest in streetwear. Are you an avid streetwear lover if you have never owned a shark hoodie? It’s a classic that has been copi by many. Most often than not, the BAPE shark hoodie has had unprecedented success. It features one of the brand’s classic camo patterns in various colors such as purple, orange and blue. Even in BAPE’s new collections, there are always one or two shark hoodies that sell out every time.

The Tiger Hoodie

 The Tiger Bape Hoodie is the perfect gift for any Bape fan. Made of 100% polyester, this hoodie is available in various colors and styles. The Tiger Bape Hoodie is a top-quality hoodie that can be your everyday clothes. The super-soft fabric, unique print, and high-quality zipper will make you look awesome in the street.

 BAPE’s tiger Best Bape Hoodies has a similar design to a shark hood and is inspired by it. Swap sharks for a leopard, and you have a tiger hood. He excelled as his older brother and appeared prominently to Kanye in the early 2000s.

The Panda Hoodie

The Panda Bape Hoodie for kids is a cotton/polyester blended hooded sweater with a drawstring waist, kangaroo pocket, and Bape graphic at the front. This hoodie is a tribute to the classic Panda Tee from 2004, which was originally releas in 2004. It is make from a material that is 70% cotton and 30% polyester. As part of the Bape® brand identity, these proud letters have been incorporate into this hoodie with special attention to detail, including the appliqué on the front chest. Wear it with pride!

This hoodie is cut from soft and faded cotton, which means it’s just like your favorite pair of jeans in the sense that it will only get better with age. The panda logo on the front is embroidere with care, while the Bape head graphic on the back adds a touch of streetwear style. Meanwhile, this hoodie’s oversized fit features a drawstring-concealed hood and kangaroo pocket for when you want to keep warm or store small things without getting in your way. This hoodie features a large logo on the back. The front has a kangaroo pocket and printed drawstrings – it also has two on-seam pockets on each side that are great for stashing your phone or mp3 player.

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