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Teeth Whitening Treatment: All Of This You Have To Know

It’s practically impossible to resist the urge to eat different types of food, isn’t it? And being Malaysian , you really cannot turn down food.

We are aware that eating only unhealthy foods has a larger risk of adverse health effects than the opposite. However, in the long run, this practise may cost you dearly as it may result in numerous health issues, including harm to your oral health, if you are unaware of which foods have which affects on your body.


Your teeth will turn yellow if you don’t brush properly and you ignore fundamental oral health.


You do realise that many individuals have yellow teeth now, don’t you? You must have seen a lot, and you very well may have. Do you recognise it? How does it impact your oral health, how do you get rid of it, and what dental procedures are available to treat it? NO? So you had better educate yourself on it. The procedure for teeth whitening Penang is the solution to a lot of your issues. In essence, it is a process that aids in the removal of dental discolouration and stains. Additionally, it gives your teeth more gloss and may even lighten their current shade.


The whitening process is a very well-known and well-liked cosmetic dental surgery because it improves your overall appearance.


Teeth whitening is not a one-time process because it must be repeated frequently to keep the shiny texture and vibrant colour.


The process for treating tooth stains


A bleaching agent is used during whitening treatments for the teeth. Bleaching agent made of peroxide is present in the bleaching substance. Depending on whether you use at-home or in-office procedures, the peroxide concentration changes. 3 to 20% peroxide is used in home remedies, whereas 15 to 43% is used in office remedies.


The length of time the solution is left on your teeth will influence how brilliant they are; the longer you leave them, the brighter they will be. The duration for which the solution is applied to the teeth must be shorter if there is a larger concentration of peroxide in the solution, on the other hand.


Long-term storage of the solution or gel may result in tooth sensitivity and dehydration.


If you choose to utilise at-home teeth whitening or bleaching products, be sure to see your dentist because every coin has two sides.

Have a discussion about it with your dentist. The outcomes differ more widely and are not the same for every person. The colour of porcelain crowns or composite tooth-colored bonding won’t be improved by bleaching.


Requirement for teeth-whitening therapy


Enamel, the outer coating of the teeth, is the strongest component of your body. You read it correctly. The natural colour of your teeth is generated by the reflection and scattering of light by the enamel, which is combined with the colour of the dentin beneath it. Enamel plays a significant role in this process.

The dentin is exposed more when the enamel is thinner. Enamel that is smooth or rough can also influence how light reflects off the tooth and how it seems to be coloured. On a daily basis, the enamel develops a pellicle, or thin layer, which leads to stains over time. Small pores in tooth enamel maintain these stains there.

Common reasons of yellowing or discoloured teeth include:


  • using tobacco in any way
  • drinking dark-colored drinks, such as coffee, tea, red wine, etc.
  • ignoring dental hygiene
  • As enamel thins with age, ageing can cause the teeth to lose their white colour.
  • Bleaching’s benefits
  • Because it is extremely safe and a traditional cosmetic procedure, teeth bleaching is regarded as the best teeth whitening treatment.
  • It is a painless treatment, and anaesthesia is not necessary. Since the amount of discomfort is not severe, it can be tolerated and managed.

The process takes less time than expected.

In comparison to other full mouth cosmetic treatment alternatives, bleaching is more affordable.

Your teeth’s structure doesn’t change after therapy, and teeth aren’t harmed either.


Other bleaching techniques


Office Bleach: In office bleach, a bleaching solution is applied to your teeth before being subjected to a particular light that accelerates the whitening process. Your lips and gums are first safeguarded. The technique is carried out in sessions, with each session lasting roughly three cycles of 15 minutes each.


Overnight, you must bleach your teeth at home using a tray that has a bleaching chemical with a lower concentration.


Risks associated with teeth-whitening procedures


The most secure method of treatment is a professional or workplace whitening procedure. Since dentists do them and have control over the bleaching procedure, they are regarded as the safest because they help us prevent negative effects.


The technique causes reduced pain in the gums and teeth. To reduce potential hazards, the gingival protectors are applied before the bleaching agent. After the operation is finished, a desensitising gel is applied for additional safety.


Minor symptoms including sensitivity from a cold before or after treatment, a sore throat, discomfort in the gums, or white patches on the gums could develop as a result. These are transient situations that will vanish over time. If not, you should speak with your dentist.


Following a teeth-whitening procedure, aftercare


Sensitivity is a frequent problem that people experience following whitening treatment. There are numerous approaches, some of which are listed here.


  • Use a potassium nitrate-containing sensitive toothpaste.
  • Consume meals that increase saliva production.
  • Avoid chewing gum as it won’t increase saliva production.
  • The procedure should be stopped for a bit because of the extreme sensitivity being experienced.


Typically, teeth whitening treatments last 6 to 9 months. However, by following the advice below, you can expect your benefits to stay much longer.


  • Tea, coffee, red wine, and other beverages with a dark tint should be avoided.
  • To lessen the harm coloured beverages do to your teeth, use a straw.
  • Don’t smoke
  • If your gums turn white or hurt following treatment, see a dentist.


The best method for whitening teeth


Are you looking for the best whitening procedure in town? The greatest whitening procedure is offered by Sabka Dentist at the most reasonable costs. To receive the best rates and a flawless set of shining white teeth, contact your best dentist in penang.  


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