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Techniques to Easily Download All Emails from Exchange Server

Summary:  This post talks about the methods to download all emails from Exchange server in an efficient manner. With the help of professional software, users can easily perform the email backup process.

 Several people who run an organization use the Exchange server to save data and work easily. It also provides the facility to share data with the employees of the firm. When we talk about the EDB is the file format that is used while storing the data. However, some of the users feel that they can lose data due to any sudden catastrophic event (mentioned later in this article). So, to avoid these kinds of incidents, users look for a solution to download all emails from Exchange server.

So, to make sure, that data is safe and secured, we are going to guide you from scratch to export emails from Exchange server. Instant Steps will be explained to get this work done.

Let’s start to get the solution, but before that let’s see a user query.

 User Query: I work for a firm as an It admin, my company use the Exchange server to store official data, now, due to some reasons I have been asked to move 200 emails and their data to a local system. So, I need to know a proper working solution. As I have tried multiple methods to execute this but failed several times. I’ll be grateful if someone comes up with a solution.   

This article will solve all the issues that are similar to this kind. So, keep reading this article to know the perfect method to save email from Exchange server to local system

Export Emails from Exchange Server – Reasons to Execute this Task

EDB file format is commonly used for communicating and exchanging/sharing data in a company between employees or authorized members. As it contains official documents and crucial information which makes it important to keep it safe from corruption/ damaging data, data deletion, ransomware viruses, and Power failure. Losing data will impact their business growth and finances. Moreover, their clients will also have to suffer the consequences.  And, at some point in time, chances of business collapse can also be there.

This is why a wise firm must imply this practice to download all emails from Exchange server which is important. Doing this will help them in near future. If any disaster occurs, the company will be having the backup of all email data. So, they can safely access it without any hassle.

Now, as we have talked about the reasons to download all emails from Exchange server. Now we will slide down to the techniques that a user can use to move all EDB files (email files) to their local system.

Techniques to Save email from Exchange server to Local System

Here, in this section, we will discuss the method to complete this operation with the help of professional software. If we talk about the manual solution, it becomes a tedious process which takes an ample amount of time and success rates are not high. Apart from that, core technical skills are required, and naïve users would not be able to perform the process using a manual method. So, here we will be explaining the easiest way to accomplish this task to save the emails from the Microsoft Exchange server.   

Using a Professional Software to Download All Emails from Exchange Server Instantly

With the help of an automated tool, it becomes easier and more convenient to take backup of all emails from Microsoft Exchange. By using the Software to Export Exchange Mailboxes to PST, users can export all their emails from an on-premises server in less time without facing any issues.

It is capable to export or downloading all Exchange Server items like emails, tasks, notes, Journals, contacts calendars etc. It allows users to determine the mailboxes within the subdomain. This tool also allows exporting Exchanges mailboxes from 36 bit & 64 bit. Moreover, it supports all the Exchange server versions and Windows too.

The process to Use This Tool to Save email from Exchange server to local Machine– Step-by-Step process Explained

Below mentioned are the steps, that the user needs to follow to use this tool to perform the email downloading operation.

  • Initially, download the tool and launch it to export emails from Exchange server. The Software UI will look like this.

  • Then, for accessing desired Exchange Environment, enter the credentials.

  • Now, the tool will verify the entered credentials. Next, users can preview Mailbox’s Name and Permission details. 

  • Select the User Mailboxes in the utility and press Next to begin the process to download all emails from Exchange server.

  • Now select the Mailbox Items such as Mails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Journal Section to back up in PST format.

  • If it is needful then use Date Filter to select, here users need to set the range of Date to export only the items of selected dates into a PST file format.

  • Now, browse and set a location to save the resulting PST File. Finally, press the Export button to begin the process to export emails from Exchange server.

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In this article, we have discussed the solution to download all emails from Exchange server. Though there are some manual approaches, those methods are associated with some limitations which restrict to execution of the process successfully. To avoid this, we have explained the automated solution that will surely generate fruitful results.

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