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Smart Ways to Reduce Your Vehicle Loan Emi

Purchasing our ideal vehicle is a significant turning point in everyone’s lives. Most of us set aside some of our monthly savings for this purpose. The “Dream Car” initiative does include car down payments, and the more you put down, the better the terms on your vehicle loan will be.

For the majority of us, getting a car loan is necessary. Therefore, it’s critical to comprehend the finest tactics to adhere to if you want a less expensive and accessible car loan. If you carefully plan, you can obtain a car loan with low-interest rates and manageable monthly payments.

It is important to speak with your lender and make a few modifications to your loan structure to better manage your loan if you ever feel a squeeze with the monthly EMIs after you have obtained the vehicle loan and started making payments.

Here are some Easy & Clever Steps to Reduce Your Vehicle Loan EMI.

Talk to your banker

Talking to your banker is your finest initial course of action. You have a variety of options for managing your loans, according to your lender. Without refinancing or reorganising your loan, they can provide you with a reduced EMI. Additionally, they might consent to lower other expenses related to the loan, such as processing or administration costs. Therefore, if you want to make a favourable vehicle loan repayment, it is never a bad idea to ask your banker for a few favours.

Opt for refinancing

You may consider refinancing your loan if you believe that your monthly vehicle loan payments are too much to handle. You can acquire a longer repayment period and a reduced vehicle loan interest rate through loan refinancing, which will lower your EMI. But bear in mind that the total cost of repayment will increase with lengthier payback terms. You might have to pay much more than what you borrowed in the end. Before you choose loan refinancing, thoroughly consider its advantages and disadvantages.

Make prepayments

If you have extra money on hand, put it toward your auto loan. This will provide you with the opportunity to bargain with your banker and reduce the EMI payment. After a given amount of time, most bankers accept partial payments. Take advantage of this and deposit any extra cash you may have. You will benefit greatly from this in terms of lowering interest costs. Eventually, you may pay off the loan much in advance.

Requesting a longer repayment period

For those who have car loans, this is an additional choice. If it’s tough for you to fulfil your monthly EMI obligations, you might ask your banker to extend the repayment period by a few months or years. You will spend less on EMI each month as a result. You will feel at ease making the payments so that you won’t miss them. Payment defaults are not a good thing and will harm your credit score and future borrowing possibilities.

Balance transfer option

Investigate your possibilities for a balance transfer if your lender does not provide a suitable solution. You can reduce your interest rate and lengthen the payback period by making a balance transfer. Many lenders even provide interest-free payments for a certain period of time, which can save you a lot of money on your loan. However, exercise caution when it comes to processing fees and other associated costs. If they are really high, the entire balance transfer exercise could be ineffective. Get a complete understanding of all the costs and expenses related to the balance transfer procedure. Before you commit to a balance transfer, get the amortisation schedule and weigh the benefits.

How can I secure the best interest rate on a car loan?

Many of us have other debts in addition to our vehicle loans. Receiving any form of incentive or discount on our car loan is a major win when we may be servicing many loans. Even if we have shown ways to cut the vehicle loan EMI down the road, prudent financial management involves negotiating for a lower interest rate and better terms on your auto loan.

Here are some suggestions for obtaining the best vehicle loan terms:

Negotiate with the dealer

Sit down and bargain with the dealer for the best offer before making the down payment. If you want to get the best deal on the car, you must drive a hard bargain. Your loan amount will decrease whenever you cut the cost of the vehicle, enabling you to choose a smaller vehicle loan amount.

Pay a higher down payment

A bigger down payment can lower the loan amount even if you can borrow up to 90% of the cost of the car. Obviously, reduced EMIs result from a smaller loan amount. Additionally, it will lower your overall interest outflow.

Compare car loan product

Choose a car loan plan from a variety of institutions that has no processing fees or other expenses by comparing their offerings. Numerous banks and NBFCs provide auto loans without any additional costs or fees. You ought to benefit from them.


The car itself is a depreciating asset, but a car loan is a long-term commitment. When you sell it off, you won’t be able to recoup that much money. Therefore, be careful to get a loan that won’t need you to pay far more than what you actually owe.

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