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Web Development

Service of Ecommerce Website Development in Vancouver

Ecommece website development in Vancouver

Bringing a business online and developing ecommerce successfully is extremely simple if you rely on the right marketing agency. In this post, you will discover everything you need and the most used tools to create an online shop and sell your products or services.

If you are looking for a marketing agency that can help you with the ecommerce website development in Vancouver, no matter if you are starting from scratch or you already have an online store and want to optimize it, the team of ecommerce consulting experts will create the best ecommerce store for your brand.

Creating an ecommerce site gives you the ability to control every aspect of your customer’s sales process, from the promotion of your products to logistics and after-sales service.

Before entrusting the construction of your online store to a marketing agency you must understand how the development of e-commerce works and why you should develop one, so that you can receive efficient service, in line with your requests and yours. goals, such as selling your products online.

The online sales and e-commerce industry is growing every day and offers companies the unique opportunity to connect with their audience with just a few clicks. Opening an e-commerce site helps a company sell more by reaching a wider audience, and helps customers to be able to buy the products they want quickly, quickly and wherever they are.

However, today there are still many companies that are not present online, or that are working on the construction of their store only now. So if you don’t want to lag behind and lose valuable ground to your competition, you definitely need to start building and promoting your e-commerce site.

Indeed, e-commerce is expected to account for 22% of global retail sales, up from 14.1% in 2019.

That’s why the best time to get service of ecommerce website development in Vancouver

The global pandemic of 2020 has had negative consequences for different types of businesses, which have been forced to close overnight without having any chance to generate income and turnover.

And it is for this reason that the current situation requires the utmost attention for those who have a company and want to be able to move forward by returning to pre-crisis numbers.

This forced closure situation led to a boom in the creation and development of ecommerce sites in 2020, and the most forward-thinking entrepreneurs have managed to take advantage of this situation of crisis or change.

However, a change in the purchasing trends of consumers has also been noted, who have approached the world of online buying and starting to make more and more transactions.

It is clear that the growth of the e-commerce sector brings many benefits to a company’s profits, but there are also other reasons that can push a business to create its own online store.

So even if we have been facing a global crisis, the important thing is to be able to adapt to changes and be able to organize ourselves as best we can to resist, grow and thrive again.

And the best way to do this is to start being present online by building ecommerce that is accessible to all your customers, at any time of day and anywhere in the world. We provide the best service of ecommerce website development in Vancouver. 

And if all this sounds interesting to you, here are three more reasons that should make you understand why the best time to develop and promote your e-commerce site is now:

Reach new customers around the world

For many businesses, especially small businesses or startups, it can be difficult to grow beyond a certain threshold if you only operate locally. However, an e-commerce site allows you to expand your catchment area and acquire new customers throughout Italy or around the world, which you would never have been able to reach only with your local business.

Create a unique shopping experience

There are thousands of e-commerce, and many are the bad copies of each other. If you can create a unique and original shopping experience, you will be able to directly influence the purchasing process of your customers through videos, stories and personalized services.

And even if you don’t get a sale right away, you still have the opportunity to keep in touch with all the people who have interacted with your content thanks to email marketing or retargeting strategies, such as Google Ads and other strategies to promote your e- commerce on Facebook.

Strengthen your brand

If you sell on an online marketplace, such as eBay or Amazon, your products will be listed generically and often your business name will not even appear. Some customers may not even realize they are buying from you and as a result they will never know about your brand.

This is why it is important to build your e-commerce site even if you are selling a niche product, because you can ensure complete control over how your products are presented, promotional offers, and the shopping experience in general.

What do you need service for ecommerce website development in Vancouver?

Building an ecommerce site can be easier than you think. However, if you are an entrepreneur and do not have advanced technical knowledge, contacting a marketing agency is the best choice.

E-commerce Consulting is an agency focused on the development of e-commerce based in Milan, and we can help you in the realization of your project by building the online store you have always wanted and which is focused on the sale of your products.

However, before starting the development of any e-commerce site, you must understand what can be useful to you and above all what you need to develop ecommerce website development in Vancouver. To start creating your online store, here is a roadmap to follow in order not to leave any pieces behind:

  • Select a platform for creating your store
  • Buy a domain
  • Find a developer, or contact the ecommerce consulting team
  • Choose the theme of your e-commerce
  • Customize the features of the store
  • Add your products
  • Set your payment options
  • Organize the logistics
  • Preview and make sure everything works fine
  • Finally publish your online store.

Choose the e-commerce platform well

As we have seen, the first step is to choose a platform for the creation of your e-commerce, and you absolutely cannot afford to go wrong at this stage.

Choosing the right e-commerce platform is essential to start your online sales business on the right foot. That’s why before you find the one that best suits your needs, you need to consider some numbers of your business, or define the goals you want to achieve.

Creating a business plan and forecasting the volume of sales or advertising investments you can make will help you choose the best platform for your needs with greater precision.

However, in e-commerce consulting our team specializes in developing on three different platforms:

  • Woocommerce;
  • Magento;
  • Prestashop.

These represent three of the best solutions on the market, and thanks to these tools we are able to offer e-commerce solutions suitable for every type of company, using the one that best aligns to your needs.

In fact, each of these platforms has different characteristics, let’s see them together with a general overview.

WooCommerce with WordPress

WordPress is the most popular platform for creating traditional websites, blogs or landing pages, and WooCommerce is a free plugin that can be installed to add buying and selling functions to create an online shop.

Maybe you already have a website developed on WordPress, or maybe you are looking for a complete solution that will help you sell online and strengthen the presence of your brand, in any case the installation of WooCommerce will give you the possibility to open your e-commerce without having to buy another domain and redo everything from scratch.

The e-commerce consulting team will be able to help you in the installation of WooCommerce to create your online store and throughout the management phase of the platform, starting from the choice of the most functional theme for your online store.

WooCommerce is an open source ,  safe  and  easy  to use e-commerce solution for both those who manage it and for users who browse in search of their favorite products. This is the perfect solution for those who want to add an online shop to an existing site.

So if you already have a blog or a company website, all you have to do is integrate WooCommerce to start selling your products.

E-commerce Website Design in Vancouver with Magento

Magento is an advanced e-commerce platform, suitable for companies that generate significant volumes of sales and transactions.

There are many features, and you can use both the free and the premium version, which has many advanced features that allow you to create solutions suitable even for the most sophisticated companies.

Magento is the ideal solution for those who need to create a tailor-made project that can be integrated with a CRM or other company software for managing customer data and exchanging information with other departments of the business.

Magento is a platform for the construction and development of professional and versatile e-commerce, and is particularly suitable if you want to create a shop with several dozen products , perhaps adding more than one language, and using numerous features to make consumers experience the best possible user experience.

In addition, it is an ideal solution for those who want to take advantage of SEO for e-commerce, positioning themselves in the top search engine results for certain keywords. 

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