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Samsung Galaxy S21+ review: why this excellent smartphone is… disappointing

Last year, the Samsung Galaxy S20+ was the most incredible in its reach. This time, the circumstance has changed. Stuck between an alluring Universe S21 on account of its little organization and a very adaptable Cosmic system S21 Ultra, this cell phone battles to legitimize its cost of 1059 dollars. 

Like last year, Samsung is offering its new leader range in three gadgets. From one perspective there is the overwhelming World S21 Ultra, a model which benefits from an extremely enormous number of new elements, on the other the little Cosmic system S21 with an exceptionally alluring plan then, at that point, between the two, the Universe S21+ which is a kind of “World S21, greater”. 

Design: the strong point of the S21+ 

Truth be told, the Cosmic system S21+ looks a ton like the World S21. The cell phone sports a similar camera module well hidden in an edge of the rear of the gadget, a similar two-tone appearance and a similar practically borderless screen. 

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Notwithstanding, because of the utilization of glass, this gadget is for our taste loftier. Exactly as expected, Samsung signs a very much completed item, whose life span is hard to question. IP68 fixing is obviously there, just like the reach’s meaningful ultrasonic unique mark sensor. The last option is amazingly viable. 

A shrinking screen 

Sadly, in our view, Samsung committed an unfortunate error this year: to just reuse last year’s parts, or even to do less well. To be sure, not normal for its ancestor, the System S21 + has a Full HD + definition screen and not Quad HD +, which is very sad for a gadget more than 1,000 dollars, particularly when we see Xiaomi and its Mi 11 at 799 dollars in Quad HD+. 

Also, over time, the splendor remains practically something similar (886 compact disc/m 2 on the S21+, 840 album/m 2 on the S20+). This is a phenomenal estimation, yet when you see what Samsung offers with its Ultra models (1010 cd/m 2), we can say that the brand has willfully chosen not to arm every one of its gadgets similarly, just to lean toward its most costly model. 

The invigorate pace of the versatile wavers as far as it matters for its somewhere in the range of 48 and 120 Hz… however utilizes an exemplary LTPS board. Once more, the cutting edge LTPO (11-120 Hz) is saved for the S21 Ultra. 

At last, with regards to shading constancy, there aren’t actually any progressions from last year (Delta E of 5.87 of course, 2.45 in regular mode, as estimated by our lab). Samsung realizes that its screens are great and subsequently decides that it isn’t important to improve. That is a disgrace. 

A new processor for better autonomy 

Like different individuals from its family, the System S21+ utilizes the Exynos 2100 processor. This chip engraved in 5 nanometers is extremely productive and, contrasted with last year’s model, is over generally good advanced. 

Last year, the Cosmic system S20s experienced extremely helpless battery duration. This year, there is truly improvement. The World S21 + endured 1:01 p.m. in our adaptable independence test in 120 Hz mode and 2:28 p.m. in 60 Hz mode (its ancestor, in 60 Hz, showed up at 11:40 a.m.). 

In video web based, the cell phone endured 11:51 while in correspondence, it came to 27:31 on a solitary charge. The advancement is truly there, regardless of whether Samsung yet arrive at the level of the best. Consistently, we had the option to keep going an entire day on a solitary charge each time. Then again, don’t anticipate going past two days, it should be stacked a bit. 

No charger in the box 

Precisely, we should discuss charging this gadget. As you presumably know, Samsung has joined Apple in its “natural” battle against chargers. In the little box of the S21+, there are earphones, however no power connector. Luckily, any USB Type-C link can charge it, very much like a remote charger. 

For our tests, we utilized the authority Samsung 25 W charger, sold for around twenty dollars. With the last option, it took us 1h13 to re-energize the gadget. That is incredible, however Chinese cell phones from Oppo and Xiaomi go two times as quick. 

No Micro SD, but UWB 

Another unwanted change, Samsung leaves the Miniature SD port with its cell phone. You need to make due with 128 or 256 GB. Then again, similar to the Universe S21 Ultra, the gadget consolidates an Ultra-Wide-Band chip which makes it viable with specific geolocation trackers (like the future SmartTag +, from Samsung). Then again, no Wi-Fi 6E not too far off. Just the S21 Ultra is qualified for it. 

Photo: One Less Sensor 

At long last, we should discuss the Universe S21+ camera. What is horrible here is that, indeed, the Samsung cell phone is very exceptional. 

Notwithstanding, it is unimaginable for us to give him an overwhelming applause. The issue is that, contrasted with its ancestor, the World S21+ truly does less well. To be sure, we go from a fourfold camera module to a triple camera module… with three indistinguishable sensors. This implies that Samsung further develops nothing and even permits itself to eliminate a sensor (the ToF). 

How might you praise Samsung on such an absence of development? The brand might have basically put forth the attempt to offer exactly the same thing as last year, so that its clients don’t feel cheated. 

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On the rear of the S21+ there is a 12Mp sensor committed to super wide-point (13 mm same, f/2.2), a 12Mp fundamental sensor (26 mm same, f/1.8) and… an “elective” sensor » of 64Mp (identical 29 mm, f/2.0). The last option is in fact used to zoom, however truly is happy with a computerized amplification. Currently last year, we reprimanded Samsung for these specialized decisions. 

Depend on it, the World S21+ photographs are amazing. The cell phone is great constantly, and is, indeed, devoted to the Samsung DNA. Nonetheless, the shortfall of a truly optical zoom at in excess of 1,000 dollars is a genuine issue. Particularly since Samsung is doing it once more. What a mistake, particularly when you see what the S21 Ultra can do. 

On the video side, the cell phone can film in 8K, on account of its 64Mp sensor. This is one of the most incredible video gadgets available indeed. 


The Samsung Cosmic system S21+ irritates us a ton. Indeed, this cell phone is phenomenal. Its screen is truly outstanding available, its plan is exceptionally effective, its independence is acceptable and the nature of its photographs is practically faultless. 

Sadly, at 1,059 dollars or more, Samsung’s decision to offer a less decent screen contrasted with the S20+, to eliminate a photograph sensor without changing the rest and to leave specific leader capacities (Miniature SD) is very irritating. For what reason is the Korean brand behaving recklessly to such an extent? 

The World S21 tempts us with its conservativeness, the System S21 Ultra is seemingly the best gadget available while the Universe S21+ merits no qualification. Assuming you are searching for a huge gadget, pick the World S21 Ultra (1,309 dollars) or on the other hand, on the off chance that you have a more modest spending plan, the Xiaomi Mi 11 (749 dollars) or the Oppo Track down X3 Neo (799 dollars). Hopefully Samsung truly develops across the reach one year from now. 

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