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Quick Guide to Reinstate your Suspended Amazon Account

“Your account has been suspended.”

The above line is every eCommerce business owner’s worst nightmare. Amazon sellers whose accounts get suspended get extremely affected as they not only start losing their business the moment it happens, but they keep doing so until they get their account reinstated. Suspension of the account can have a negative impact on the sales and credibility of the seller, so getting reinstatement service from professionals is much needed.

That is the reason Amazon sellers must know what to do when their account gets suspended. But, if you need to get it resolved quickly, I would suggest opting for Amazon’s reinstatement service.  Amazon Reinstatement services are a great solution to your suspension problems.

Here I’ve mentioned the reinstatement process with the motive to inform you about the best techniques to reinstate your account. Also, I’ve put down some account suspension reasons so that you can stop it from happening in the future.

The Process

The foremost thing you need to resolve is ‘why your account got suspended.‘ It’s an essential step in the account reinstatement process, and hence it is advised to figure out what exactly went wrong. 

Amazon reinstatement is quite a technical process. Sellers trying to get their accounts back usually rush through this step. Hence, hiring an Amazon specialist who is an expert in Amazon reinstatement service is the best bet.

Well, if you’ve found the reason for suspension, the next crucial step is to submit a Plan of Action (POA).

What is a Plan of Action?

A Plan of Action, also abbreviated as POA, is primarily a letter of appeal that asserts how you plan to sort out this issue. 

After submitting the POA, Amazon will review it and decide whether to lift the suspension or not. 


Your account suspension gets lifted or not depends on the POA you submit. 

Need we say how essential the POA is for account reinstatement?

So, here is a template to draft a successful Plan of Action:

  • Introduction

Give a detailed explanation of your business, brand and seller name, what products you are selling on Amazon, and the reason for your account suspension.

  • Description

Explain in brief the account suspension issue(s), giving in-depth details of how you figured out the main reason for the suspension and why it occurred. 

  • Course of Action

Even if you feel you are not at fault, take complete responsibility for the account suspension. Next, describe the steps you have taken since the account suspension period and planning to take.

Provide a detailed explanation of the changes you made in the plan to prevent the account suspension from occurring again in the future.

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  • Conclusion

The bottom line should restate briefly the steps you are planning to take to settle the issue, after which you should appeal to have your Amazon account reinstated.

Once it’s done, submit your POA to Amazon Seller Performance to get reviewed. 

Next, you’ve to provide details of your POA in a form which you’ll find in the suspension notice you received in Seller Central.

Once your form is submitted, the Amazon team will get back to you. Expect a response from the Amazon team within 24-48 hours, but this is not fixed. There are cases where it took 1-2 months or even more. 

Be optimistic and patient; the Amazon team will respond to you after deciding on your suspension position.


Here are some reasons that lead to Amazon account suspension:

  1. Someone reported your product listing as fake or counterfeited.
  2. Product listing violating Amazon’s Marketplace rules and guidelines.
  3. Negative Customer Rating
  4. Selling Expired Products
  5. Safety Concerns from customers
  6. Multiple accounts owned by the same person
  7. High Order Defect Rate (ODR)
  8. Dealing in restricted/prohibited Items
  9. Other policy breaches

The above-stated account suspension reasons are a few from the list as there could be other factors that lead to an account suspension. 

Nevertheless, it is crucial to keep your Amazon account updated in operations, avoid unethical practices, solve customer complaints quickly, and constantly improve your metrics.

Things one should never do after Amazon Account Suspension –

    • Do Not Rush To Submit Your First POA
    • Do Not Rush To Open Up a New Account!
    • Do Not Make Changes In Your Invoices!
    • Don’t Threaten Amazon

Questions to Ask an Amazon Account Reinstatement Service

  1. How long have you been an Amazon consultant?
  2. What qualifies you to serve as an Amazon consultant?
  3. Here is my issue — how can you help me?
  4. Do you have references from prior clients you can put me in touch with?
  5. Do you know the difference between 1P and 3P Sellers?
  6. Do you have experience with Amazon SEO tools?  If so, which tools do you use?
  7. Can you explain FBA
  8. What marketing experience do you have?
  9. What do you know about SEO keyword searches?
  10. Can you give a few examples about prior success stories with companies? Did you improve their sales/rank/metrics?
  11. Ask general questions about Amazon selling, the appeals process, and their prior background with such processes to ensure they know the procedures and rules.

Final Thoughts

Amazon Reinstatement services are a great solution to your suspension problems. Seller Interactive will guide you from the start and throughout the entire process until your account is reinstated. Above all, you can contact us through email or phone. You are truly in the right place with Seller Interactive.

Sophie Hayes

I am Sophie Hayes, living in California, Amazon business consultant and digital relations manager. Results-driven, problem solver, and goal-oriented, focusing on bringing creativity and value to the associated partner.
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