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Productive Strategies To Lessen Carbon Footprints

Global warming is now an increasingly well-known phenomenon because of its vast and dramatic impact. The Earth is on fire due to the excessive emission of greenhouse gases, as well as an ever-increasing decline in carbon sinks. The reducing carbon emissions is the most crucial step in the present time to safeguard humanity’s future. Annual climate reports released in 2020 by NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in 2020 stated that the temperature of the land and ocean has been rising since the year 1880 at a amount at 0.13-degree Fahrenheit (0.08degC) per decade.  The rate has increased by nearly two times since 1981, thereby increasing the extent of global warming. But in the case of climate change, all of us are equally responsible for enhancing their carbon footprint on our planet. Let’s examine your carbon footprint first, to help make the process easier.

First & Foremost Calculate Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint can be defined as the total quantity of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere as a result of various actions. Greenhouse gas is any gas that is involved in global warming through the trapping of heat from the atmosphere. If the gases trap warmth in the air, and then raise the temperature, it is referred to as the Greenhouse effect.

The most important issue is what amount of Carbon do you contribute into the air? How big are the Carbon footprint? WWF along with Carbon Footprint are two of the numerous calculators online that can estimate the carbon footprint of your business. The calculators calculate your individual carbon emissions based on your area of the location and energy usage practices. Based on the footprint you leave you can make the appropriate actions to help in cutting carbon emissions.

There is a way that you Can Make a Change!

Simple habits we make can create an enormous difference when combined. Therefore, we have collected seven simple habits that will help you to participate in the reduction of CO2. Be an ethical citizen and protect the very nature of our precious Earth

First Step Is To Insulate Your Living Area    

The use of air conditioners in summer and heating equipment during the winter months aren’t just expensive, but can also significantly increase emissions. Another option is to insulate your home by spray foam insulation. These insulations are energy efficient and can expanded to give your home fool-proof coverage. Certain DIY strategies such as using curtains and door snakes and sealing air leaks using weatherproof stripping and caulking and sealing chimneys when they are not being used can be useful in reducing CO2.

Habit 2: Make Use Of Renewable Energy

The use of fossil fuels like petrol, coal and natural gas add significantly to carbon footprint. Numerous companies are switching towards renewable sources of energy such as solar energy, wind energy, hydroelectric power, etc. These renewable energy options are more affordable and green. So, it’s high time to get in touch with renewable energy providers. Another option is to invest in solar power panels. It might appear costly, but they can help you save cost in the long term without sacrificing carbon dioxide reduction.

Habit 3: Revisit Your Energy Usage

The way you use energy can tell to a large extent about the amount you contribute in the environmental footprint. Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) are widely use in workplaces and homes, however it’s time to switch them out with LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes). CFLs and bulbs that use incandescent bulbs consume about 80-80% of the energy used to heat. For comparison, LEDs consume just a quarter of the energy and have a 25x longer lasting capacity. This is understandable, even when they aren’t stated. Shut off the lights and disconnect your chargers and electrical appliances when they are not using them.

Habit 4. Monitor Consumption Of Water

It is also a greenhouse gas which is responsible for capturing heat from the atmosphere. The use of water must controlled as well, since the supply of water is becoming less available because of the excessive evaporation caused through global warming. Make use of a bucket instead of showers for bathing. Don’t forget to shut off the faucet when you brush or use soap between washing your hands. The ability to regulate the temperature of your water heater at or below 120F is also helpful in CO2 reduction emissions.

Habit 5. Use Public Transport

Transporting yourself to work by automobile is very energy-intensive. The transportation sector has contributed 25 percent in greenhouse gases in the period between 1990 and 2006. This is alarming. So, the most effective solution is to make use of public transport whenever it is available. It does not just play a part to reducing carbon emissions, but it also aids in reducing the amount of noise pollution. According to an report released by APTA (American Public Transportation Association) Public transportation can save an average of $6251 per year that could be spent on fuel consumption.

Habit 6: Find Ways To Recycle

Different manufacturing stages require the use of energy as well as raw material which are the primary reason for higher temperatures of green gases. Recycling helps reduce the amount of energy needed to make a new product since it avoids the steps of digging up raw materials as well as the process of preparation. So, make sure to recycle your items whenever you can. This could include use of a plastic container from an old product to store your materials or to grow saplings.

Habit 7: Dispose Of The Waste Responsibly

You can also help with recycling by putting garbage in appropriate recycle bins. For example blue bins are for paper as well as plastic containers. In red bins the green containers for waste that is organic as well as yellow containers for the synthetic materials such as towels, clothes etc. Clean up, go green!

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