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Potential Unknown Benefits of Massage Gun Therapy

Massage gun therapy has significantly increased in recent times after the awareness of its potential benefits. Like the booster handheld massager, modern massage equipment offers distinct benefits for massage therapy patients.

Massage gun therapy offers many potential benefits, such as decreased stress levels, increased blood circulation, reduced muscle recovery time, and stimulation of the lymphatic and nervous systems. They even help relieve pain and reduce scar tissue.

Read more to know the various benefits that massage therapy offers and how you can choose the best massage treatments for your bodily needs.


What Are Massage Guns?

Massage guns are electronic devices that aid in providing pain-relieving massage. They produce vibrations that are applied to a patient’s skin with a soft-tipped applicator that helps treat sore and tense muscle tissue more quickly and effectively. They are quick, efficient, and can be adjusted to multiple speeds and vibration settings to produce a specific, desired effect.

Let’s know the various potential benefits that massage guns offer for healing both mind and body without further ado.


Increased Circulation

One of the major advantages offered by a massage gun is increased blood circulation. While a massage gun proves to increase blood flow within a localized area, it even aids in promoting whole-body circulation.

A full body massager gun helps expedite the massage process by providing rapid, percussive vibrations. In addition, by pairing massage gun therapy with daily exercises, you can strengthen your body’s blood vessels and arteries.


Improved Heart Health

You can significantly improve your cardiovascular health and lead a longer and healthier life. While intense aerobic exercise like jogging, running for hours, and strenuous gym exercises can put excessive strain on your bones, joints, and heart tissue. On the other hand, massage gun therapy is gentle enough for most patients.

Know the sensitivity and pain level of the patients after a quick diagnostic pressure-point check. Then you can customize their massage gun’s level of intensity and vibration to match every individual’s comfort level without sacrificing the therapy’s effectiveness. Also, you must know that improved circulation leads to improved muscle recovery.


Aids in Improving Muscle Recovery

Gaining more always needs extra exertion. You can challenge yourself to lift heavier weights, do more reps, or incorporate more trying exercises into your routine. Doing all this will result in a stronger, healthier, and fitter body. However, negligence in this can lead to muscle soreness.

After a challenging exercise routine, soreness and ache are perfectly normal. However, delayed-onset muscle soreness, better known by its acronym DOMS, kicks in around seven hours after a rigorous workout that can last up to 48 hours.

The period between rest and recovery can be significantly reduced with massage therapy. It provides relief to localized areas to offer immediate and intense care to the affected areas. Also, ensure to give your body enough recovery time after experiencing DOMS.


Lower Stress Levels

Another potential benefit of massage gun therapy is significantly reduced stress levels. Excess stress can result in cardiovascular disease leading to a massively shortened lifespan. Often, if you suffer from rage, anger, or unearned confidence, it can result in the desire to attack, which leads to intense fear,  accompanied by anti-social feelings. All this can increase the stress level. Use a full body massage gun and feel relieved and de-stressed.


Increased Flexibility

It becomes impossible to bend knees and elbows with stiff muscles and joints. An intense amount can even prevent you from bending down. Unfortunately, this leads to losing flexibility and is common with the increasing age.

While many body parts can regenerate and heal themselves, all can’t. If you have a stressful job, indulge in an unhealthy diet, or suffer from chronic illnesses, it can lead to lasting physical damage.

To increase this flexibility and prevent excess stress, you can use a massage gun therapy that provides localized relief to muscles, skin tissues, and joints. In addition, massage guns help stimulate the circulatory system and bring healing blood cells to areas that need them most to help them relax.

You can increase your overall mobility and flexibility by using massage therapy and intake diets that are high in collagen amounts. Added to this, you should also indulge in massage and yoga that can improve your flexibility.


Nervous System Stimulation

Our brain controls everything that we experience from thinking to feeling and sensing. This is the reason that people who are declared legally brain-dead have no chance of surviving without medical intervention. Therefore, keeping the nervous system in the optimum condition becomes important to lead a long and healthy life.

Fortunately, massage therapy helps stimulate the nervous system, releasing feel-good hormones and chemicals, including serotonin and dopamine.


Reduced Scar Tissue

Another notable advantage of using massage gun therapy is to reduce the thickness and appearance of scar tissue. It even helps reduce the pain originating from the area surrounding that tissue.

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