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Play Online Carrom Board Game to Win Real Money

CAROMMM! Who doesn’t like this most popular board game? We all love this game because of the interest it captures from our hearts. Also, it is that one indoor game that we have always liked. From children to adults, we all are carrying the mutual love for the game. We have given so much love to this board game that the game has been made available on the online platform as well. Not just available on the online platform, you have this amazing opportunity to win some real money awards and other rewards as well which makes the matches much more fun and interesting. So come and play online carrom board and earn some real money as well.


If you are new to the online carrom board game, don’t worry! We are here to help you with the basic rules of the game. You have to follow some basic steps while playing and get going with the game to earn some real money awards. It is very much similar to the traditional carrom board game which we play. So you don’t have to worry much about the fact of playing it online. 

The rules are as follows for the online game.

  • As we already know that every player will have one turn alternatively to strike the tokens into the pockets. 
  • If you have strike one token then you will get another chance also to make one more move in the game. 
  • When you strike the queen into the pocket then to make it by your side, you have to strike one more token for that. That stands to be the special rule for the queen.
  • If you are not able to strike one more token after the queen then it would be again placed in the center of the board. 
  • If somehow you pot the disc then it would be counted as a foul. 
  • If you strike the last cover coin before the queen then it is also counted as a foul. 
  • And whenever you make a foul in the game you have to return one token back in the board game. 


Dangal games is a platform where you can enjoy the online carrom board game and have this opportunity to win some real money as well as other amazing rewards. You can start playing on the platform as it ensures all the game legalities. The website is totally legal. The platform is said to be the most trusted and safest platform for our gamers. There are already so many users having the access to so many games. If you are a carrom board fan, then go and enjoy your favorite game there. 

You can start playing with the practice matches and then slowly you can shift to the cash leagues from which you can gain confidence for the further matches. 

So get started with your favorite game now and earn some real money awards with the same. 


There are several features on the Dangal games website which makes it unique and promises to give you the best playing experience with the platform. You will not be disappointed with the features it offers and the way you can earn so much just by playing different games. 

  • The app offers some safe transactions of your winning amounts. ‘
  • You will get your hassle free transactions with the website.
  • You can also win the referring bonus by just doing the referring to your friends and family.
  • You will get some amazing cash back offers from the website
  • You will get 24/7 support from the website if you have any query regarding anything.
  • You can have a smooth play in any game.
  • There are so many options available for the online games.
  • There are so many tournaments happening daily on the website.


The players have to do the submission for a particular entry fee for the game. Then the player would get a live opponent for them in the match. You just have one goal in the game to strike all the tokens in the pockets of the carrom board. You can enjoy the match much more when you have a live opponent playing with you. 


The online carrom board game has so many users now. Everyone just loves playing this game and now it is also offering the option for winning some real money as well. This makes everyone much more inclined towards the game. Also, the player shall not over invest in any game and just start with the practice matches if you are new with the game. so get started now with your favorite game and win some amazing cash rewards to make your heart satisfy with the game.


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