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Persistent Stigma on Leprosy Patients’ Well-Being

Every year on the last Sunday of January, the world observes World Leprosy Day. Raises awareness about Leprosy and informs people that it is easily curable today. But unfortunately, many people worldwide continue to suffer from this disease. Due to a lack of access to primary medical care and the illness’s lingering stigma.

In addition, Frequent missed appointments and failure to adhere to treatment plans. Are among a few things that hurt patients’ long-term health. However, you can easily access care without a burden with MyLiveDoctors by booking a tele appointment with the doctor to become more engaged in your treatment plans.

Leprosy affects the nervous system, causing numbness in exposed areas of the body such as the hands, feet, and face. It’s recommended that you get yourself checked by an expert doctor online if you feel any of these issues. This disease was renamed Hansen’s disease after the scientist Gerhard Henrik Armauer Hansen. Discovered in 1873 that this disease is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium leprae.

Following infection, it can take many years for symptoms of Leprosy to appear. So, get an early diagnosis by booking a tele-appointment with a doctor and a proper treatment plan to cure.

What are the Leprosy Disease’s Difficulties?

Leprosy primarily affects people in developing countries. Who live in densely populated areas and do not have quick access to health care. Due to long distances to clinics and the high cost of visiting a doctor. But with the innovation of affordable and accessible telehealth platform MyliveDoctors, you can quickly get yourself checked by an expert online doctor without leaving the comfort of your home.

At the same time, the ongoing stigma against people with Leprosy may not seek help when symptoms first appear. However, these factors only contribute to a disability diagnosis and development delay. So, get a tele-appointment with a doctor for the correct diagnosis, and don’t let your development get delayed.

Many people with Leprosy cannot work due to disease-related disability or face stigma even if they want to work. In addition, girls and women affected by Leprosy face an additional burden of gender discrimination, further delaying disease detection. The good news is that Leprosy is entirely curable.

However, proper disease awareness and improved access to essential health services are critical to successfully eliminating the illness’s stigma and disability. To receive the same quality care, book a tele appointment with a doctor and schedule your follow-ups as well.

On this World Leprosy Day, we can put an end to discrimination and stigma against people with Hansen’s disease by learning more about it and dispelling myths. Unfortunately, several common misconceptions about Hansen’s disease continue to spread ignorance while also fueling stigma and discrimination.

In addition, there are some common misconceptions about the disease that are simply not true. MyLiveDoctors, give you access to the best online doctors outside hospitals and clinics.

Is Leprosy a highly contagious disease?

Leprosy is difficult to contract; in fact, 95 percent of adults do not contract it because d their immune systems are capable of fighting off the bacteria that causes it. And, no, you do not get Leprosy simply by sitting next to someone who has the disease. Leprosy is not spread through casual contacts, such as shaking hands, sitting next to, or talking to someone infected with the disease. This disease can only be contracted through close and repeated contact with an infected person.

Is it true that Leprosy causes the fingers and toes to fall off?

The bacteria that cause Leprosy attacks the nerves of the fingers and toes, causing them to become numb. As a result, burns and cuts on those numb areas may go unnoticed. This, in turn, may result in infection, permanent damage, and, eventually, disfigurement of the affected area. This occurs in the advanced stages of the disease when it is left untreated. Expert online doctors offer tele appointments through your smartphone, tablet, or computer for primary care needs, including routine or urgent care. People should also eat healthy food.

booking a tele appointment with the doctor

Should people with Leprosy be isolated?

Not. But, yes, they must be appropriately treated, and, while we’re at it, antibiotics can provide a long-term cure for this condition. In addition, anyone with Leprosy who is receiving antibiotic treatment from an expert online doctor can live an utterly everyday life with family and friends.

Does Leprosy result in death?

For the record, Leprosy is not a direct cause of death. It can be cured entirely if proper and timely treatment is provided, as with any other disease. Antibiotic treatment is effective in curing Leprosy. Schedule an early tele appointment with an expert doctor to get antibiotic treatment for leprosy.

Are people with Leprosy contagious until their treatment is finished?

Only in the early stages of a person’s life is he or she infectious. They are no longer contagious after a few days of antibiotic treatment. However, the entire course of therapy (which can take up to two years) must be completed to make sure that the infection does not occur again. It’s easy to book a tele appointment with a doctor on MyliveDoctors and follow up with an expert doctor online throughout your condition.

Is Leprosy a curse or a result of sin?

There is no doubt that the disease causes severe psychological issues and traumas in many affected patients. However, there is no reason to believe that this is due to their behavior, let alone “sin” or “curse.” The slow-growing bacterium Mycobacterium leprae causes Leprosy, a type of bacterial disease, and an expert online doctor should treat it.

“United for Dignity”: World Leprosy Day

The disease’s persistent stigma significantly impacts the physical, psychological, social, and economic well-being of those infected while harming their health book an tele appointment with an expert doctor. In contrast, there is an urgent need to dispel myths and remove unnecessary stigma to bring affected people closer to treatment and cure.

People with Leprosy can and should live better lives, rather than being shunned, discriminated against, and denied fundamental human rights, and our goal should be to ensure that they do.  MyLiveDoctors is working on this goal is to be achieved on World Leprosy Day 2022, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19, which brought us face to face with a far more contagious disease, a global pandemic.

Download the MyLiveDoctors app, a fully HIPAA compliant telehealth platform, and search for doctors, specialties’ treatments, hospitals, and services. Find doctor reviews and book appointments online, all using the MyLiveDoctors Application.

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