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New Bikes in India: Which One Should You Buy?

New Bikes in India: Which One Should You Buy?


In this Blog your will get New Bikes in India Complete Detail. If you’re in the market for a new bike, you’ll find that the choices are plenty and can be overwhelming. It’s easy to spend too much time researching every detail of each bike on the market, but if you have no prior experience buying bikes, you might need some assistance to pick out the right one. From deciding whether to buy a used or new bike to picking out the right components and features, we can help you get your dream bike without too much hassle.


New Bikes in India


Common mistakes first-time buyers make

First-time motorcycle buyers often don’t plan their needs ahead of time, buy without considering the price range, or just give up and never follow through with the purchase. To prevent these issues from happening to you, it’s a good idea to research bikes ahead of time, estimate your budget for a bike and then stick to it once you’re at the dealership. Make sure that the bike is going to fit both your needs and what you can afford before buying one, as there are many options out there. If you have any questions about motorcycles, make sure to visit this site where I’ll be more than happy to answer them!. Check New Bike list in India



What does a new rider need to know about bikes?

What bike to buy is an important decision, but these considerations will help you make the right choice for your lifestyle.

1) What do you want to use the bike for?

2) Are you a beginner or an expert rider? 2.1 If you are a beginner, start out with a lighter bike; if you are an expert rider, get ready to spend some serious cash on your dream machine! 2.2 Is durability more important than weight when it comes to picking a frame material?  For more Bikes & Cars details Check Autox and Follow us on Social Media.


What should you consider when buying your bike?

  1. Type of bike – Mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes are the most popular. What type of riding will you be doing? Where will you be riding it? A good rule of thumb is to determine what type of terrain or road that you’re going to ride on and then get a bike built for that type of terrain or paved surface. What size bike should I get based on my height? You should use the following equation: rider’s height x0.68 = seat height in inches. 2. Price range- In the US you can find mountain bikes starting at around $300 up to $3,000. The average price for a mountain bike is between 2.11 to 3.60 Lakhs in india. Hybrid bikes typically cost more than other types of bicycles but they offer many features found on both mountain and road bicycles.


How To Purchase Your Bike

For every rider, there are a number of accessory needs to make your bike more functional. Investing in any one of these seven items will not only help you ride better but also help to keep you safe on the road. Here’s what they are and why they’re important.

-Reflective clothing and accessories: These will help cars see you at night, during foggy weather, or other low visibility situations. They’re so important that many parts of Australia require all bicyclists to wear them after dark!


Is maintenance important, and how do I do it?

It is important to take care of your bike, not only to increase the longevity of the bike but also for your own safety. Taking care of your bike is easy and inexpensive, it just takes some time and attention. There are many simple things you can do, like changing the oil and checking tire pressure, to make sure that you’re keeping your bike in optimal condition. Maintaining your bikes will extend its life as well as decrease any chance of accidents on the road caused by a malfunctioning brake or worn out chain.


Accessories Every Rider Must Have

-Sunglasses, to reduce glare and decrease the chance of headaches

-Helmet, for protection of your head

-Waterproof Jacket, because it rains a lot over there

-Boots, to keep you from slipping on those slippery streets

-Locks, to secure your bike while you’re away and avoid costly repairs due to theft or vandalism. Newer bikes will come with locks included, but if not they are fairly inexpensive to purchase.

-Mirrors, so that you can see what’s coming up behind you

-A kickstand (if not already built into the bike), so that your bike won’t fall over when parked

-Panniers/bags/baskets for storage purposes


Looking After Your Bike

Clean the chain. When you start cycling, the dirt and dust from the roads accumulate on your bike’s chain, making it dirty and less efficient.

A weekly brush with a dry rag will help to remove this grime which will reduce wear and tear and make for smoother gear changes. Gently use soap if required to clean chains that are very dirty or are regularly subjected to foul weather conditions like rain.

Wash your bike by hand. Once you’ve cleaned your chain, fill a bucket with soapy water then dip a sponge into it and wash the various parts of your bike (especially underneath). Fill another bucket with clean water and wash off all soapy residue with a second sponge dipped into that bucket before wiping down everything else until it is completely dry.

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