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Mykonos transfers and the island of Mykonos

Holidays, via Mykonos transfers, after social conquests, are part of a dignified life and are a well-earned tradition all over the world, although the pandemic has not given any respite.

Holidays in Mykonos means to free yourself from obligations and routine. To seek rest, health or happiness. To celebrate leisure, culture, freedom.

Undeniable star of tourism in Greece, Mykonos (in Greek Μύκονος) is the most popular but also the most festive of the Greek islands. The island sees millions of tourists every year and quickly becomes unbearable in August. But the Chora, its capital, remains one of the most photogenic villages of the Cyclades and its beaches. Speaking among the most beautiful in Greece.

Often compared to Saint Tropez or Ibiza for its jet set side, Mykonos offers visitors a frenetic and exuberant nightlife. In summary, Mykonos is really good if you can come out of season. Especially if you came to party and if you have planned a substantial budget.

Mykonos transfers

A little history

Very poor and living mainly from fishing and boat building until the 1950s. Mykonos owes its notoriety to Aristotle Onassis. He then landed and invited all that the world could count from movie stars, politicians to memorable parties. And of course all the famous jet setter.

Over the decades, the island then developed intensely around tourism and boosted by quick access from Athens and direct air links with Europe. It is today the island with the highest density visitors to Greece.

Long considered the gay destination of the Mediterranean. Mykonos is a gay-friendly island where the homosexual community participates in the great nightlife of the island. But the community is now a minority and we come across visitors from all over the island. Backgrounds, from all countries, social status or sexual preference making Mykonos one of the most cosmopolitan and open islands in Greece.

But Mykonos is of course always easily accessible by ferry from Athens via the port of Piraeus (2h30) and that of Rafina (1h50) with daily connections.

By boat, Myonos is also accessible from most of the Cycladic islands: Syros (15min), Tinos (15min). Koufonissi (1h30), Amorgos (2h05), Santorini (2h05), Andros (2h25), Naxos (2h25). Folegandros (3h35), Paros (4h15), Ios (4h30), Milos (4h40). Sifnos (5h30), Serifos (5h55). As well as islands in the North of the Aegean Sea: Ikaria (2h20). Fourni (3h05), Chios (3h20), Lesbos (6h30), Samos (4h05), Lemnos (4h50).

Mykonos is also accessible from Patmos (3h30) in the Dodecanese and from Heraklion (4h30) in Crete.

Perhaps traveling is a way of forgetting oneself. Pack a suitcase with a portion of our things, go to a place that will be new in one way or another. AND find a time of idle happiness. Vacations cut the ties that hold the body to make it productive. So, they can look like true freedom.

“Greece is to humanity what the heart and mind are to the human.” -Johann W. von Goethe

In the modern world, vacations began as a privilege for the rich. They were the ones who had the money to pay for them. They could be transported to the seashore. Or to the countryside or wherever the climate was more benign for health or recreation.

Going on vacation became a social fact. As economic well-being was redistributed, new strata of society were incorporated into the possibility of an annual break.

Having time off from work obligations, at least for a limited period, transformed family and community life. Over the years, tourism has become a fundamental economic factor throughout the world.

When you start your vacations, you have to decide whether you want to go all the way or not. We are here to advise you to do so, because we have to remind ourselves that we deserve the full package every once in a while.

Let’s start with the basics

You have to have a car with a driver waiting for you at the airport. The organization of transportation on arrival is also a task that should not be neglected.

If you want to make a fast transportation, or if you want to see everything right when you arrive at Mykonos airport, Lux Auto Mykonos transfers offers you a car with a driver at your disposal for your transfer to Mykonos transfer airport to hotel.

In fact, all you have to do is contact them so that they can understand your transportation and vehicle needs. It is not just about reserving a car, but also about telling them your needs: number of people, type of car you want.

They have a wide range of vehicles to meet the needs of our customers, including people carriers, buses and minibuses. Also, if you are looking for a car with a driver at Mykonos airport, you can rely on their service.

A private chauffeur service at Mykonos airport benefits all tourists who have difficulty organizing their transportation once in the island. If you need a private chauffeur to transfer to from and to the airport, do not hesitate to use their expert services. To end your trips in style, you need to stay well organized until the end.

For this reason, the Lux Auto Mykonos transfers team is your best ally to organize everything. They put at your disposal a qualified private driver to guarantee your efficient transportation to the airport.

Mykonos’ airport

Mykonos has an international airport and the island is accessible during the season by direct flight from anywhere in Euros (with Transavia and easyJet) and from Lyon with easyJet, thus avoiding transit through Athens.

Many holiday flights are also offered by tour operators departing from Paris and the provinces. From Athens, your daily newspapers serve Mykonos all year round (several companies and in particular Olympic Airways).

This archipelago of surprising contrasts is made up of 39 islands, among which Mykonos  stands out. The island where the party never ends, or the uninhabited, virgin and beautiful island of Anteveros. Whose sublime beaches are only accessible by boat. Mykonos is a perfect destination for all kinds of vacations, whether with family, couple or friends.

All the tourist attractions that you may be looking for, you will find in Mykonos transfers: history, beautiful beaches, natural attractions, archaeology, gastronomy…this holiday your perfect moments await you in this Greek Island.

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