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Make Your Shelf Talkers Look Better Than Ever With Rod Finials

Wobblers and shelf talkers are made of cardboard, paper or plastic advertising of a product made for use on an item where the item is available to be sold.

The number of shelves signs choices that the brand manager could easily get overwhelmed without a thorough understanding of the various signs. Today’s blog is about shelf talkers that fold which are signs with more space than the others which will help your brand make an impact on the shelves.

Folded Shelf Talker Definition

The shelf talkers that fold are printed flat and folded at an angle of 90 degrees. The flap is placed on the top of the shelf and the message hanging below. Although they are possible to make without adhesive I don’t suggest it.

The majority of products aren’t heavy enough to keep the sign up without adhesive. We also expect that your items will fly off shelves, so I suggest a sign with an adhesive back that will adhere onto the shelves. Some other names for shelf talkers include the shelf signs that fold up and stack cards.

When To Make

If you require a bigger message space, then folding shelf talkers are a great choice. For instance, if required to display “before as well as after” images, the folded shelf talkers offer the space to display it. They can also be utilised for shelves that do not have a channel, which makes them more flexible than other shelf signs.

Pay Attention To Your Merchandise

They are intended to draw the attention of the buyer to a specific item, and also to help direct customers to the shelves. Shelf talkers for retail are salespeople in a quiet way and can help customers move the products. It is among the most experienced shelf talkers and wobbler sellers that offer a range of custom Wobblers and shelf talker.

When To Avoid Use

If space for a more extensive message isn’t required then it might make sense to utilise an e-wobbler, a wiggler or aisle breaker. If you are looking to draw attention, action-oriented shelf wobbler might be better than a shelf talker that folds.

As previously mentioned it is essential to collaborate with your retailer to be aware of their shelf signs guidelines or suggestions. Every retailer is different. Let your customers be a part of the process before creating signs. It may be beneficial to show them digital renderings of the various alternatives.

If independent bookstores are a part of your marketing strategy It’s crucial to comprehend what the booksellers look to find in books that they offer. However, you’ll first have to attract their focus. When a bookstore doesn’t only buy a copy of your book but also exhibits it in their marketing materials, this is more attention for your book’s place on the shelves.

1. Advance Reader Copies (Arcs)

Advanced reader copies (also called galleys or advance review copies) is a copy of your book’s publication designed to create anticipation for your book and, in the event of an advance blurb, gain access from book retailers. Personalised door hangers are able to receive thousands of advanced reader books each week, so you should consider an exclusive package.

2. Shelf Talkers

Shelf talkers are made (most usually with elements from the cover of the book to allow you for a glance to determine the book the shelf talker is paired with) and are mailed along with the finished books to make your book make an impression on the shelves.

Shelf talkers can include a strong statement about your book by booksellers or any other person who is familiar with your book (meaning that they are not from your family member or a friend). These quotes usually originate from reviews of books that have been published early and galley reviews.

3. Cash Register Giveaways

There’s a fine line between printing promotional materials simply because it’s fun and investing in promotional materials that booksellers could actually make use of. Buttons, bookmarks, as well as stickers are just a few things that are fairly inexpensive to an author to make on their own, and can be beneficial to booksellers and impress customers.

Booksellers usually have these kinds of items available at the register that customers can grab when they leave. Why not create that freebie from the bookstore, something that can aid in spreading the word about your book? The trick is to create a bookmark, button or sticker fun or unique enough that people might want to pick it up, or even consider the idea of putting it in their journal or backpack.

4. Sell Sheet

The sell sheets are basically a set of brief information for the bookshop owner to understand the reasons why this book, as well as your writing skills, is perfect for their store. It’s not the time to boast about how amazing your book is.

Instead, you should be highlighting what your book and you can help the store, showing them that you’re an expert who recognizes the need to market books and cares about the specific needs of their store. Include your book’s marketing strategy in your sell sheet so they are aware of how you intend to let people know regarding your novel. If you’re a bookstore that’s willing to carry your work on shelves they’ll need to be aware of how you’ll market to make sure it doesn’t end up on their shelves.

5. The Reading Guide Was Designed Reading Guide

Book stores often organise book clubs, and if you offer an informational guide to reading to distribute to members of their clubs then you’re ahead. It’s basically providing their program for the month’s reading, which will be a job an author who has only a limited time will not have to complete later.

A reading book, just as your shelf talker bookmarks and bookmarks should be designed using elements of your book’s cover and should include questions for discussion about your book. Make sure to be thoughtful in your questions. Don’t ask questions that are cliches, or questions that are based on specific door hangers. Give broad, but relevant assertions that aren’t answered with a yes or no.

6. The Availability

One of the biggest fears when it comes to stocking the book of an author that is not their own is the fear they have when they try to buy the book from an author. Think about it this way: would you prefer to visit a variety of stores to purchase one item at each, or just go to one place to get all the items you require at one time?

Booksellers love the convenience of one stop shopping and can order titles from the very same store that they purchase all of the other titles.

If you inform them that the book is available to order through Ingram and that the book comes with the usual trade discount as well as the ability to return it and return, you’ll see their smiles as they realise that they’ve made their lives an entire lot simpler. It’s a sure bet they’ll be carrying your book before they carry another who doesn’t have an easy method of ordering.

Ravi Patel

Ravi Patel is the owner at VC Print in London, UK. His vast experience in Business and Marketing has established him as a highly-focused user experience expert and product strategist willing to take up new challenges that drive value to the company. As an efficient communicator and a strong motivator, he is committed to persistent improvement and innovation. He has a keen interest in writing informative blogs on various blogging sites
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