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iPhone 6S Battery Replacement: Proven Fixes for iPhone Battery Draining Fast

It’s very uncommon for iPhone 6S batteries to drain overnight, leaving users unable to get through the day without charging their iPhones.

There have been many complaints from iPhone 6 battery customers who say, “My iPhone 6S battery is suddenly depleting rapidly.” If your iPhone battery is dying quickly for any reason, try the tips listed below, which have been proven to work in the past, before going for iPhone 6S battery replacement.

iPhone Battery Draining Fast: 10 Proven Fixes

If your iPhone isn’t retaining a charge and you’re not sure why your phone’s battery is dying so quickly, try the below tried-and-true solutions listed below. These tips, if followed correctly, will extend the life of your battery without affecting its usefulness or having to visit a mobile repair shop.

1. Check the battery’s usage

The first question that springs to mind when you find your iPhone 6s battery going quickly is, “Why is my iPhone 6S dying so rapidly?” “What’s draining my iPhone 6s’ battery?” Is it necessary for me to get an iPhone 6s battery replacement?

When you are unsure what’s draining your iPhone 6s battery, this feature will assist you in determining the source of the problem before you visit an Apple mobile repair centre.

Once you have identified the app causing the iPhone 6s battery to drain rapidly, you could update it. You can uninstall the software if it continues to cause problems. You can easily re-download these applications if you realise that they are not to fault for your iPhone’s battery drain.

Follow the steps mentioned below to understand your iPhone 6s battery usage & answer the question, “Why is my iPhone 6s battery depleting so rapidly?”

• Go to Settings > Battery
•To view specific information about each app, tap the ‘time’ indicator.
•Figure out which apps consume the most battery life on your iPhone
• You now have the option of updating or uninstalling the unwanted apps. Uninstall an app you don’t use very often if you see it’s depleting your battery.

2. Enable Low Power Mode

Activating Low Power Mode on the iPhone 6S reduces battery drain and increases battery life by many hours compared to normal mode. Mail fetch, automated downloads, background app refresh, & various visual effects are automatically lowered or switched off when low power mode is engaged.
This will considerably prolong iPhone 6s’ battery life. When it’s activated, the iPhone 6s’ battery bar converts to yellow. To turn it on, toggle the switch next to ‘Low Power Mode.’ Go to settings >>> tap Battery >>> toggle the switch near to ‘Low Power Mode’ to on it.

3. ‘Raise to Wake’ Should be Turned Off

The ‘Raise to Wake’ option in your iPhone 6s’ settings is activated by default with iOS 10. When you pick up your iPhone 6s from a flat surface, the Raise to Wake function instantly wakes it up.

Your iPhone 6s wakes up automatically and remains turned on all the time, which is one of the reasons why your iPhone 6s battery drains quickly. To save iPhone 6s battery life, turn off the ‘Raise to Wake’ option.

To turn it off, go to Settings > Display & Brightness > flick the switch next to ‘Raise to Wake.’

4. Apps Should be Updated (including iOS update)

It’s possible that outdated apps are to blame for your iPhone 6s’ battery depleting quickly. Software updates frequently include bug fixes, and some of these could be the cause of your iPhone 6s battery draining quickly.

When Apple releases a new iOS update, developers develop and optimise their applications for the latest iOS version.Therefore, ensure that your iPhone 6s is compatible with the latest iOS version. Taking time to update available applications on your iPhone 6s may have a major impact on its battery life.

Go to the App Store > To update apps, tap ‘Updates’ in the lower right corner of the screen > ‘Update All’ in the upper right corner.

5. Turn off the ‘Background App Refresh Feature

‘Background App Refresh’ keeps your iPhone’s apps updated even while you’re not using them. This is done in order to speed up the loading of apps.

Letting all of the open apps update and refresh in the background is one of the leading causes of Phone 6s battery rapidly depleting. Therefore, to save battery life, you must turn off this feature on your iPhone 6s.

Toggle ‘Background App Refresh’ to off position in Settings> General> Background App Refresh.


You do not need to be concerned about the battery of your iPhone 6s if you notice the battery draining quickly and the issue cannot be remedied using the above remedies. Perhaps you are a heavy user, and your iPhone battery is fading quickly and not lasting as long as it should.

The only way to know whether your battery is bad is to take it to an Apple Store or an Authorized Apple Service Center and have it tested to know if you need an iPhone 6s battery replacement.

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