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Installing Artificial Lawns with Artificial Grass Accessories

If you are looking to install an artificial grass surface in your yard, you may want to purchase a few different artificial grass accessories. Lawnflex shock pads are two options you may want to consider. A weed membrane is also another option. You may also be interested in Lawnflex edging.

Wonder Edge edging

Wonder Edge is an edging system designed specifically for synthetic turf installations with artificial grass accessories. It is a quick, economical and easy way to install a finished edge around your turf. This system eliminates the need for stakes and nails along the edges, saves time, and creates an attractive, clean finish.

Wonder Edge edging is made from recycled polyethylene. It is strong, but flexible enough to work on curved edges. And it’s eco-friendly. Made in the USA, this product is recyclable. Fill out the form to request free samples and an estimate for installation. You’ll be pleased with the end result.

Artificial grass Accessories

Timber is another option for edging your artificial grass area. It’s quick and easy to install, and is the most affordable option. You can use decking screws to secure the edging in place. Alternatively, you can use concrete gravel boards to reinforce the perimeter of your lawn.

Wonder Edge edging for artificial grass comes in many styles and colors to fit your lawn. It costs about $1 per linear foot. The main disadvantage of this type of edging is that it is not flexible, and can crack and rot in cold weather. It also wears down easily.

Lawnflex and Grassflex shock pads

Lawnflex and Grassflex are two types of shock pads for artificial grass. Shock pads provide added drainage and soft feel. They are perfect for playgrounds and outdoor safety areas. Lawnflex shock pads are 35mm thick and two metres long. These are also available as rubber crumb surface fillers.

Artificial grass Accessories

Shock pads are essential to preventing and reducing traumas caused by falls on artificial grass. These pads are particularly useful where children or athletes play. They also prevent infill from splashing onto the turf surface. Infill migration is common in areas of high traffic and shock pads help reduce infill splash. They also reduce the height of the fiber pile and increase the density of the pile. However, infill shock pads no longer have the same shock-attenuation as shock pads. Furthermore, they require a lot of maintenance.

While foam underlays are optional for lawns and decorative turf, they are highly recommended for use on lawns in homes with elderly or children. They help reduce the chance of a tripped or slipped fall on the lawn.

Lawnflex weed membrane

Lawnflex weed membrane is a weed suppressant membrane that sits below the surface of the artificial grass. It prevents weeds from growing through the turf and is a good choice for low-maintenance artificial lawns. It also has excellent drainage properties and can reduce the risk of standing water on the artificial grass.

Artificial grass Accessories

Whether it’s a garden or a large area to be landscaped, weed membrane is a vital part of any artificial grass installation. Weeds are a nuisance and can damage the surface. It’s important to protect your grass from the unwanted plants and weeds that may grow through it. Lawnflex weed membrane can be used on a variety of hard surfaces, including patios, decks, and driveways.

It’s best to use a thicker grade of this material. It will not easily tear off your artificial grass, and it’s great for pre-emergent weed control. It also resists mildew and insect invasion. It’s also easy to install and secure.

Lawnflex edging

When it comes to edging for your new lawn, the best options are the flexible ones, which can be curved and fit around landscape obstacles. These are available in plastic, rubber, composite and steel. However, some of these edgings lack strength and are prone to cracking in cold weather. They are also flimsy and easily wear out.

If you want a natural look, wood chips and bark are great options. Alternatively, you can purchase edging made of steel, which is both long-lasting and easy to install. It is also cheaper than composite plastic, which is also durable. Some steel edging comes with tabs for Aquabond adhesive, which makes it quick and easy to install.

Artificial grass Accessories

Timber is an option for edging a new lawn, but it is not as secure as steel. Using sleepers instead of timber is also a good option because it will create an interesting feature in your garden. They are also ideal for creating raised beds. Paving is another option, but it is only recommended for decorative lawns. Paving isn’t as secure as timber or metal edging and isn’t secure enough to protect the grass from dogs.

Another option for edging artificial grass is polyboard, a material made from recycled plastic. It is inexpensive, but it isn’t flexible. Polyboard costs $2 per linear foot and looks like hardwood. Timber edging, meanwhile, costs about $1 per linear foot and is made from various tree species.

Lawnflex turf glue

If you are going to install artificial grass in a room, you will need turf glue to seam the pieces together. Turf glue is available in different packages, such as a 28-oz tube, a one-gallon bottle, and a five-gallon bucket. One tube can cover up to 12 feet of seam, and one gallon is enough for an area of up to 40 square feet. Turf glue is also necessary for artificial grass installations on concrete.

Artificial grass Accessories

The process of gluing synthetic turf to concrete is not as simple as it might appear. A poorly applied adhesive can lead to expensive repairs, and can even cause the artificial turf to delaminate from its surface. To avoid these issues, ask a lawn care professional to teach you the proper way to lay out the artificial grass. First, make sure the surface is clean. This will ensure the adhesive can penetrate the surface and prevent delamination.

Another option is to use jointing tape. This type of adhesive is designed to create a smooth seam. Using high-quality jointing tape will ensure a long-lasting bond between artificial grass and its backing. A lower-quality adhesive will weaken your artificial lawn, causing the seams to lift and peel away.

ZeoFill pet deodorizer

Whether you have a lawn or an artificial turf, you’ll want to take measures to eliminate pet odors. A one-time application of ZeoFill infill will help keep the grass or turf smelling fresh. These granules can be placed on any surface, including grass, dirt, gravel, and indoor carpet. They are safe for pets, and they can reduce odors within minutes.

Artificial grass Accessories

ZeoFill is an all-natural substance that absorbs odours before they can occur. It is simply a granule that is added to the grass surface. If used properly, ZeoFill pet deodorizers will not need to be replaced. Each granule contains 25kg of odor-absorbing materials.

ZeoFill is ideal for pet applications, as it neutralizes ammonia in pet urine. It is also easy to clean. No more messy brown spots or muddy paw prints! The grass also has drainage holes to prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing.

Turf Renu stain and odour removal cleaner

When you’re cleaning an artificial grass surface, you need a product that can remove pet odours and stains while leaving the surface looking fresh and new. One great option is Turf Renu bio-enzymatic cleaning solution. It contains no harsh chemicals or harmful ingredients, and is hypoallergenic and safe for use around children and pets. Plus, it’s biodegradable, so you can use it in an unlimited number of applications.

Artificial grass Accessories

There are many ways to clean the surface of an artificial grass surface. One method is to use ammonia. If you don’t have any mineral spirits, you can purchase them at a local hardware store. However, do not pour them directly on the grass – it can damage the surface. You should soak a sponge or cloth in mineral spirits, then daub it on the surface. Once you’ve finished, rinse it off with cool water. Mineral spirits can be dangerous, so be sure to follow the instructions on the label.

One common problem with an artificial grass surface is dog urine. Even if you’ve trained your dog to stay away from the area, he or she will still do his or her business. This can cause yellow marks and lingering odor, making it difficult to remove these stains with everyday products.

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