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Instagram Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Online Business

Organizing Contests That Aren’t Targeted

On Instagram, there are a slew of “follow us and claim your prize” contests. But, in the long run, are they actually effective?

Contests with simple entry requirements can draw thousands of individuals in a matter of days, but most of them will depart once the winner is announced. Furthermore, such contests have the unintended consequence of mistargeting your audience. The great majority of people join them purely for the purpose of trying their luck. They are merely looking for freebies and are not interested in your product.

Growth Tip: If you want to see long-term growth, you should make your contest regulations a little more complicated. With the sneaker studio as an example, you may ask your followers to design a look using their favourite Nike sneakers, tagging your company in the process, and then following your page. The winner may be picked by some sports fashion influencers, celebrities, or other means other than a random number generator. Only those who genuinely want an extra pair of sneakers will put in the effort necessary to win this event.

Having No Captions at All or Writing Dull, Long, Sales-y Captions

It’s not all about the photos on Instagram. Captions are also important because they are another method for impressing your audience and increasing purchases. Unfortunately, if your caption doesn’t attract the reader’s attention, you won’t be able to retain a large following.

Growth Tip: When it comes to captions on Instagram, there are a few frequent blunders to avoid:

Copy that is dull and lacks a call to action. Being an excellent social media professional also necessitates being an excellent author. To urge your followers to take action, you must present them with up-to-date information and spice it up with some lively sentiments. Start your caption with facts, a provocative issue, a conundrum, or a real-life example to pique the reader’s interest.

The copy is long and obtrusive. While captions are required, Instagram is not your company’s blog. To gain more fans and attract more visitors, deliver your message in a simple and exciting manner. Posts with 80 characters or less have an 88 percent higher interaction rate, according to statistics.

Copy that is intended to sell something. A CTA and a link to your website should certainly be included in your magazine, but the plethora of sales-y jargon and obtrusive CTAs spoil the fun. Don’t make your customers feel like they’re being sold to all of the time; instead, give them some true facts.

There is no caption at all. In such a case, you forfeit the opportunity to attract a new group of visitors to your website. If you’re stuck for ideas, go over the previous three options and start writing.

Prioritizing Quantity Over Quality

It can be tempting to bulk up your Instagram profile with the type of content you see from your competitors, or to make it appear as if your brand has been around for longer than it has, but if you focus too much on creating bulk in your posts and not enough on creating content that is actually relevant to your social media marketing efforts and your brand, your followers will quickly dwindle.

Rather of attempting to make a large number of posts and establish a brand overnight, take it slowly and concentrate your attention and energy on developing a strong business profile. This entails developing strong followers over time with a sound social media strategy, reaching out to social media leaders in your field, and building a following from the bottom up. You can keep your fans interested in seeing more from your brand by posting at least one strong post every week, as well as engaging more regularly on Instagram stories and IGTV.

Growth Tip: Most people engage with Instagram stories considerably more than they do with Instagram posts. Make sure that the majority of your quantity comes from tales and IGTV posts, and that your quality is centred mostly on your posts.

Being WAY too self-promotional in your material

Even if you’re using this social media platform to get started with digital marketing, no one like being repeatedly offered something. Allow your followers to see the other side of your job instead of putting all of your energy and attention on promoting your products–for example, using every single post to plug a new service or using your stories to talk about your products or your brand. Take your Instagram followers on a tour of your office/s, post a goofy, low-quality snapshot from your startup’s early days, or take them on a morning coffee run. All of these strategies help your followers feel like they’re interacting with a person (or a group of individuals) rather than a faceless, nameless corporation.

Take a step back and assess what you appreciate best about the accounts you follow if you’re having trouble creating material that isn’t only centred on your company. Do you enjoy observing how a company’s operations are carried out? Do you prefer hearing about employee favourites or watching the process of making a product or preparing a service? Apply everything you recognise as something you appreciate in another brand’s marketing plan to your own, and you’ll see your numbers skyrocket.

Growth Tip: If it feels hard not to continually market your brand, or if it feels like you’re wasting time not pushing your items, keep in mind that consumers follow businesses in order to connect with them. Concentrate on developing material that will help you connect with your tens of thousands of followers (or even your handful of followers, at the beginning).

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