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How to Speak Up About Mental Illness at Workplace

Mental health, like physical health, is a continuum on which we all oscillate. Depending on what’s going on in our lives, most of us stay tangled between stress, burnout, and diagnosable disorders like depression or anxiety that slows our development. All these mental health issues are associated with the changes in the social construct around us.

Major progress in sci-tech has paved the paths for more things to worry about. Mental health is a major problem in the United States, as evidenced by alarming mental health statistics. Unfortunately, there is a considerable stigma associated with anything relating to mental health. This is why we must recognize the value of strong mental health initiatives. Several best web application development services in the US have taken steps to care for employee well-being.

Poor mental health comes at a cost-literally. It is estimated that the entire cost of mental illness is roughly 3.5 percent of the GDP in the US. People suffering from mild to moderate mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression are twice as likely to be jobless. They are also at a greater risk of poverty and social marginalisation. In order for one to function optimally and be able to contribute positively to society, the heart, mind, and body must be synchronised for optimal results.

Mental health awareness and access to mental health resources, particularly at the workplace are one of the most serious challenges confronting businesses at large right now. As a result, online appointment booking and employee well-being is becoming increasingly popular among corporate leaders.

Mental Health: A Stigma

It is critical to comprehend the significance of mental health treatment. As a culture, we must jointly remove any obstacles that prevent productive mental health treatment. When we consider the statistical data, it reveals that 1 in every 5 individuals suffers from a mental health illness at some point throughout the year. Under such circumstances, it’s quintessential to make mental health awareness a higher priority.

Research of over 90,000 people shows that societal fear and mental health stigma is the reason they hesitate to take mental health treatment. Almost 12% claimed it was because they were afraid of losing their work if they asked for help. The statistics are astonishing and unfortunate at the same time.

Mental health is a term that many think is loosely thrown around and even exploited by some. Many assume talking about mental health and seeking help for it will lead them towards social marginalisation.

“Mental health affects every aspect of your life. It’s not just this neat little issue you can put into a box.”

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Why Should We Talk about Mental Health?

Collective efforts must be made to raise mental health awareness for a very essential reason. Simply put, companies must try to de-stigmatize the way we handle, and recognise mental health concerns in our culture. Solutions can only be found if the issue is understood. Employers may attempt to eliminate the guilt and fear that are typically linked with mental health issues. This can improve the chance of someone seeking assistance when they are in need. It takes courage to ask for help. Working together helps individuals to provide the groundwork for a foundation that values and celebrates mental health and development.

Several Mental health apps depict those employers are predicted to lose $225.8 billion per year due to mental illness. Absenteeism, or skipping work regularly, is one of the most evident factors. However, the lower performance is showcased when sick employees try to work. This adds zero value to the productivity and innovation of the related organisation.

Workplace and Mental Health: Ways to speak up!

Whether it is an employee or an employer mental health. It is equally important for all as a company cannot perform unless every member gives his 101%. Any issue related to mental health therefore must be discussed to resolve. Several ways can be applied to speak about this:

Talk to a Co-Worker

A study reveals that 60% of the employees have never spoken about their mental health at the workplace. Having a workmate to discuss mental health problems regularly and who knows your job and the workplace culture might be beneficial. Talking to a co-worker might ease the mind and give the confidence to bring the issue to the table with the employer.

Choice of an Appropriate Venue

Employees must discuss their thoughts with employers in a comfortable environment. They can make an effort to meet at a location where they will be able to speak in a cool and relaxed manner. If the job lacks a quiet location, go elsewhere. Talking about mental health in cosy environments is easier than in a corporate atmosphere. Studies reveal that environment plays an important role in defining mental health.

Talk about it Every Day

Employees may begin to make the adjustments that will benefit them by having a chat with their supervisor and keeping them informed about mental health. Moreover If worried about how the employer may react to the revelation, they can have someone to hit the topic.

About 86% of the employees believe that their company must promote mental health culture. This means that a workplace therapist and counsellor can help curb the issue. When the moment comes, employees may feel a lot more prepared and peaceful if they wish to reveal their worries and inability to cope with work. Ensuring self-care outside work, too, with exercise, and a healthy diet. Since this may have a significant influence on the overall well-being is essential for development.

 Role of Employers in Development

Research by the American Association of Psychiatry reveals that the US economy loses $210 billion each year due to absenteeism and other mental health-related issues in employees working in various states.  It is employers who can play a strategic role in fixing the situation. Employers must approach mental health as a top priority for the company. With measures in place to hold them accountable, such as regular checkups and workshops that talk about mental health. To establish an environment of transparency and openness, leaders should act as allies by sharing their own experiences. Even firms with the strongest mental health benefits will not see an increase in utilisation unless they have a stigma-free culture. The AI development service providers across the globe are finding techniques to bring assistive technology that can lighten the mood and improve mental health.

Moreover apps like Head space, The Fabulous, Calm, and Buddhist are popular in the mental health category. Further research and development along with the best web application services towards this issue are required as it is a need of the hour!

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