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How to Reset SQL Server SA Password – Free Guide

Summary: Looking for a solution to reset SQL server SA password? Did you forget your SA password? If so, don’t worry. You can solve this problem here. Just scroll through the entire article.

SQL Server database management developed by Microsoft. Therefore, when it comes to securing SQL Server databases, I love setting passwords to protect the database. Everyone knows that setting a password is paramount to protecting your data from theft. This is the traditional way to selectively protect a database. A default user is created in SQL Server to manage the entire SQL database. Called SA, called Server Administrator.

In most large organizations, server administrators can add a large number of users to use SQL Server. Different users have different unique usernames and passwords. Learning passwords for multiple SQL servers can be very difficult. It gets worse if the user forgets the password. Therefore, to get out of this situation, share the possible methods you can use to get rid of your password.

#Method 2: Reset SQL Server SA Password With Command Prompt

There is a manual method to recover the SQL Server login password. But for this to work, your Windows account must be a member of the local administrators group. If not, you will not be able to use this method. Now, let’s see how it works.

  • First, open cmd as administrator and run the following command

Osql -S <SQL_instance_name> -E

Note: To open command prompt, press Windows key + R and type cmd or you can use the window search bar to open cmd

  • After running the previous command, run this query in the cmd window

EXEC sp_password NULL, ‘New_password’, ‘Login_name’

Here we go

  • Now set a new password for your user account

#Method 3: Reset or Unlock SQL Server Password Using SQL Server Management Studio

This method is also a manual method to recover the SQL password using Management gaziantep bayan escort Studio.

  • Firstly, login and connect to SQL Server Management Studio
  • Now in the left pane go to Object Explorer and expand Security Options. Next, expand the Login section as well
  • Next, select the account whose password you want to change. Then right-click on it and press the “Properties” option
  • Now in the login properties window, you can change the user’s password and confirm it. Then click OK

The above manual techniques are not feasible for all users. Even technical professionals may not be able to perform these steps properly. In addition, the manual method has some other limitations.

  • Manual methods are time-consuming.
  • Chances of file corruption are high.
  • Technical proficiency is mandatory.

Professional Method to Reset SQL Server SA Password

In the most difficult cases, it is nearly impossible for a SQL Server user to reset or regenerate a new password. Hence, they can rely on third party solution like SysTools SQL Password Recovery Tool can help you. This allows you to crack your SQL user account password in the most secure way possible, thus protecting your database from any threats.  It comes with a free demo version that works just like the professional version. But it is possible to preview the user account login id and password status.

The SQL Password Reset tool effectively unlocks individual SQL Server user accounts and system administrator accounts. Just search for the “master.mdf” file and the tool will scan it automatically. After that, the utility displays all the usernames in the software dashboard, be it SA or individual user accounts. Just select the account to reset the password and apply a new password to it. Download the free software version and see how the application works.

Simple Steps to Unlock or Reset SQL Server SA Password

  • Download and Install the Software

Download SQL Server Passwords Recovery

  • Click the Browse button and select the desired MDF file

click on browse

  • Find and select the MDF file. Click Open to load the file

Select MDF File

  • Choose the user whose password you want to reset and Press Reset Password.

Click on Reset Password

Amazing Features of this Software

  • This utility is easy to use and offers a flexible user interface that can be easily used by all users, both technical and non-technical.
  • It has the ability to handle large amounts of data and does not impose file size limits.
  • The above tool works without any technical guidance, so it’s a standalone utility.
  • This utility is easy to use and offers a flexible user interface that can be easily used by all users, both technical and non-technical.
  • Compatible with all versions of the Windows operating system, runs on Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 and all other 32 and 64-bit Windows operating systems.


Many users ask for a way to reset SQL Server SA password. There are multiple methods to complete a task.. The free manual method is a great way to reduce the costs of running a business, but it takes patience and time. For instant and accurate results, users can use an automated solution to unlock SQL Server passwords for all versions of Windows.

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