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How to Increase Instagram Real Followers? [Easy Ways]

What do the world’s most successful brands have in common? All of them have a significant number of Instagram followers. So, they increase their Instagram followers. Despite operating in very different markets, brands like Marketo, McDonald’s, and Adidas, and influencers like Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Jake Paul have tens of millions of Instagram followers.

No wonder there are over 800 million Instagram users and organizations and all kinds of influencers are turning to the platform to increase their reach and generate new business.

Here is a comprehensive list of strategies used by some of the world’s most successful Instagrammers.

1. Use Instagram Tools to Increase Followers and Engagement

A number of exciting new technologies have been launched, designed to empower social media marketers and influencers to increase Instagram followers and follower engagement. So, below are 3 must-have tools to get the most out of Instagram:

Flowline Center: Using instant, automated and real Instagram likes whenever you post, Flowline Center is a leading marketplace for businesses and influencers who want to use social proof to drive brand opportunities and get to the discovery page faster.

SocialDrift: This service allows brands to build a massive Instagram based on machine learning algorithms to automatically include members of the target audience through likes, follows, and comments.

ViralUpgrade: Increase Instagram brand reach and audience engagement using this service. ViralUpgrade automatically reaches Instagram users with likes, comments and follows. So, over time, this promotion will lead Instagrammers to follow your account in return. Here are the most searched topics on Instagram: How to increase followers on Instagram?

Instagram tools like the ones mentioned above can help social media marketers increase their follower count in a short time.

2.Create an Instagram Contest

While contests may be outdated on some social media platforms, they’re very lively on Instagram. recently used an Instagram contest to select two brand spokespersons.

In the example above, announced the winners of the Instagram contest that helped the brand expose potential new followers. The contest was particularly clever because it motivated the contestants (all Instagram influencers) to encourage their viewers to participate in the Instagram posts shared by the account.

3.Amplify Instagram Reach with Ads

Billions of dollars are spent on Instagram ads each year, and those numbers are expected to grow. So, brands of all sizes understand that Instagram ads provide a unique opportunity to gain reach to a specific group of Instagram users. In addition to this, for those who want to increase the number of Instagram followers quickly, ads can be a good choice.

4.Develop a Trending Hashtag

Instagram said that newly announced users will have the ability to follow certain hashtags. In light of this update, brands should try to develop a trending hashtag to encourage users to delve into it. If the hashtag is branded, it can also help increase brand reach. So, here are the top search topics on Instagram: How to increase followers on Instagram?

5. Experiment with Content Formats

Social media marketers have a variety of content types to choose from when posting, including Instagram, photos, videos, and carousels. Marketers should try each one. A variety of formats can help better engage existing followers, which is critical for those hoping to reach new followers organically through prominently placed content.

6. Invest in an Instagram Analytics Tool

A good third-party Instagram analytics tool is essential for anyone looking to fine-tune their Instagram strategy. Some platforms may make it easy for social media marketers to associate follower growth with a particular piece of content or changes in content strategy, doubling down on what works best.

7. Switch to Instagram Business Account

An Instagram Business account gives organizations great flexibility to make it easy to grow their followers. For example, account administrators can access profile performance metrics. Managers can also easily “boost” posts through an inexpensive ad and include a button that makes it easy for profile viewers to contact the business via direct messages, phone calls, email or text.

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8. Learn How Instagram’s Ranking System Works

If you’re interested in developing viral Instagram content, you need to understand how Instagram’s ranking algorithm works. The platform uses various factors such as timing, post post, and post location to determine where the post is viewed on the user’s timeline and whether the post makes it to the Discover page.

9. Request Profile Feedback from Your Target Audience

To better understand how you can improve your Instagram marketing strategy, consider getting feedback from existing followers. Sending direct messages to very busy followers can be a good way to get quick and meaningful feedback to further your strategy.

10. View Important Instagram Metrics in Real Time with a Free Dashboard

With so many distractions, it can be hard to focus on work. For those who want to focus on improving their Instagram metrics, using a real-time dashboard like Geckoboard suggests can be a viable way to put metrics ahead at home or in the office.

11. Donate Regularly to Donated Followers to Encourage More Engagement

As mentioned earlier, high engagement content tends to attract new followers through enhanced organic reach. To keep followers happy and regularly engaged, mention them regularly in Instagram posts. Showing gratitude is a great way for brands to engage Instagram users.

12. Follow Instagram Trends Following Influencers And Big Brands

Trends on Instagram can be fluid. Using a particular filter or sticker can be a rage one minute and the trend dies the next. Follow well-known influencers and big brands to stay on top of popular Instagram habits. Usually, the most popular accounts on Instagram are those that set new social media trends.

14. Produce Content for Instagram Stories

Within a year of its release, Instagram Stories has reached over 300 million users. In fact, more people now use Instagram Stories than all Snapchat users. If you haven’t yet created content for Instagram Stories, consider doing so.

15. Show Your Instagram Profile at Live Events

Using a plugin like Tint, marketers can view a live Instagram feed on a monitor at live events. This increased exposure can help increase awareness among members of the target audience when they are most open to connecting with new people and new brands. So, here are the top search topics on Instagram: How to increase followers on Instagram? So, Instagram followers gaining tactics, increasing Instagram likes 2022?

16. Share Private Company Announcements on Instagram First

Exclusivity concerns the breeds. If you want to encourage people to look at your Instagram profile, posting important company updates on Instagram before sharing them on other channels is a good way to motivate people to follow your account.

17. Develop a Contributory Content Campaign That Links to Your Instagram Profile

Redirect internet users to your Instagram account by linking to widely read articles. So, to do this, create pieces of contributed content featured in related posts and industry blogs. Increased exposure helps you grow your followers in a short time.

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