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How to Get the Best Microneedling Results After Treatment?

When you want to undergo microneedling, you should understand if the results will be productive. This is the main aim you should consider. Today We are going to show you some of the basic principles that you believe will make you get the best microneedling results from your hair loss treatment which involves microneedling treatment.

Is this Treatment Necessary in Hair Loss?

All those who went through the treatment reported a significant improvement in their hair growth compared to those who underwent minoxidil lotion alone. The micro-wounds are said to be present in your skin, enhance the hair follicles and encourage further hair growth.

Does Makeup Allow After Treatment? 

You should know that It is not recommended that you wear makeup immediately after getting the treatment, but if it is impossible, you are bent upon using makeup. Always use the mineral-based foundation as this is known not to allow the bacteria to accumulate. 

But you are advised to take care before applying your regular makeup to the treatment area. You should wait for at least four days to wear makeup. This is very important. The best we can do for you is to suggest the best makeup brands that are easy for you and will always maintain your youthful appearance even after you pass through the treatment.

Is this treatment safe?

You should understand that The FDA has only allowed on the skin pen for this specific treatment. Despite other devices available in the world market, this is a reason why they only use this equipment as it is highly safe. In addition to that, you need to understand that we have limited side effects of this treatment and the recovery time is also less. This becomes a reason why it is recommended.

How Does Diet Affect Your Skin Health?

The only way you are advised to build healthy skin is to have a good healthy diet or eat a healthy. Balance your diet with proper hydration. It is good since it protects From wrinkle-fighting antioxidants present in fruits and vegetables that are best for hydrating healthy oils in fish- whatever food you can impact your skin as much as it does to your waistline.

You should know that The food you eat gets digest into glucose, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals that your body uses for any reason. You should also know that saturated fats and dairy products will deprive your skin of the vital nutrients required for a healthy glow hence significant. 

Hyaluronic Acid

The question is, Are you familiar with the dewy and subtle look of young skin? This is always nothing, but you should understand that the result naturally is producer by sugar called hyaluronic acid. Its sole function is attracting and retaining moisture to keep the skin and allied tissues well lubricated and hydrated at all times. But you should know that if it works in collaboration with collagen, its prominence goes on diminishing as the amount of collagen goes down. This becomes a reason why your skin requires low sugar for smoothness.

How to Care for Your Skin About Treatment

You are suppose to apply many skincare steps besides applying sunscreen regularly. You can use a gentle and mild cleanser that can help you to clean your face every night and morning after treatment. And if you used to treat acne scars. Apart from this, People also think about taking prescription antibiotics, but these are not always important as you know the wounds don’t take much time to close after you have undergone treatment.

How Often Can You Treat Your Skin?

The best information you should have is that If you opt for collagen induction therapy, then about three treatments are best to give you the most effective results. This is because You are always eligible to receive the treatment every four to six weeks. But if you do not have to accept the treatment, it may be prominent not applicable at all costs.  

You should not panic if you cannot witness the results after the first treatment. This is because you will see a noticeable improvement in your looks afterward for sure.


We strongly recommend you schedule your next session appointment with your doctor. And this is a reason so that they can plan for your time and on your side also you do not forget about it. When you are looking for the best skincare, you are suppose to give much time for them to plan for your treatment. Your body takes this much time to create healthy, new, and strong collagen. Based on your desired microneedling results, we will always advise you when to expect the results during your initial consultation. Ensure you follow the instructions provided by the doctor to better your results.

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