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How to Find the Best Urgent Care Clinic in Arleta?

Arleta urgent care clinic provides the best access to the finest healthcare in Arleta. This clinic provides the advanced treatment. The center was created to attend to various health issues that are time-sensitive. Doctors at Arleta urgent care clinic will not just offer the best treatments, but they do it in a humane and understanding way. When you visit our clinic, you can feel truly cared for and well relaxed. 

In this article, we will give you a piece of detailed information regarding the Arleta urgent care clinic and the services provided. Continue reading for more information regarding this best clinic.

What are the Benefits of Arleta Urgent Care Family Clinic?

Arleta urgent care family clinic has several clinics, which include the following.

  • The clinic caters to patients, thanks to our staff and on-site ER doctors.
  • The healthcare service is available daily, and patients will not have to wait for long periods to get medical attention or have difficulties with ERs.
  • The walk-in facility ensures that every injury or disease is catered for efficiently. When you visit our facility, you will get urgent care.
  • Our experts have enough medical expertise to cater to 80% of cases seen in emergency rooms.
  • We provide a variety of services, including x-ray imaging, on-site labs, splitting, pharmacy, and many other services.
  • You will also enjoy free health care services like prenatal care, free pregnancy tests, and free STD testing in our clinic.
  • Another advantage of getting your treatment at Arleta urgent care clinic is virtual care. Virtual treatments help you get the best care services from the comfort of your couch.
  • Suppose you came for a COVID-19 test. You will receive results the same day through text, email, or web. There are many options that you can use to settle your bills, including insurance, Medicare, and HMOs.

Arleta Urgent Care Family Clinic Services

Urgent care clinic has a group of healthcare facilities referred to as walk-in care. These healthcare centers work outside an emergency room or the hospital setting. Usually, these centers cater for illnesses and injuries that are not severe. The types of injuries catered by these clinics include broken bones and fractures, taking x-ray images, doing physical exams, and many more. Some of the benefits that you will get from an urgent care center are affordable and shorter waiting periods compared to emergency rooms.

Urgent care centers do offer several health care services. However, the most common services include illnesses and injuries that are not severe. The following are some of the services provided at Arleta urgent care clinic.

Burns and Injuries

Arleta urgent care family clinic provides treatment for health issues that are not serious but medical help. Usually, we treat minor cuts, injuries, and fractures. If you suffer serious injuries and burns, the best option would be to visit the ER immediately. In the emergency room, you will get specialized treatment. Urgent care clinic, can only treat minor burns. Usually, the doctor cleans the burnt area and uses antibiotics or cream to stop the infection.

Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains do not differ because they have similar signs and symptoms. Therefore, if you are looking for a clinic to treat your sprains and strains, Arleta urgent care will be the best option. Here you will get fast and professional medical treatment. It is the best place because you will not need to wait for hours to get your treatment done. In less than one hour, you will have gotten the treatment you desire since our doctors are highly skilled, professional, and licensed to handle sprains and strains effectively.

Pediatric Care

We provide pediatric care to children who are two years and above. This is because they are more prone to injuries and other common ailments. At urgent care family clinic, we have a pediatrician who tends children. Visit Arleta urgent care clinic if you have an medical requirement that involves children. The treatment rooms typically are designed with children’s psyche in mind. Apart from children, anyone can access medical services at urgent care clinic.

Our state of the art medical equipment is new, and these are the x-ray machine, effective lab test instrument, and pharmacy. The whole staff has enough experience and training to help deal with pediatric medical care. All our doctors will ensure that you get effective and gentle pediatric care.

Ear Infections

Ear infections can attack both adults and kids. However, they are more prone to kids who are under five years. Earaches and infections are a result of several things. Most people, therefore, seek Arleta urgent care clinics for proper medical care.


That is detailed information about Arleta urgent care clinic. There are several other treatments offered at Arleta clinic, and therefore, do not feel limited to the above illnesses. There are many reasons why you need to seek this clinic. The main reason is that the clinic provides time-sensitive care for several kinds of minor injuries and treatments. However, if you have an emergency medical ailment or injury, you must go to the ER for specialized treatment.

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