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How to Extract Contacts from Outlook Data File ?

Are you looking for a professional way to extract contacts from Outlook data file? If that’s the case, you must read this blog. In this article, you will get to know how to extract contacts from PST file without using Outlook. It also includes a dependable program for export contacts from PST file.

Some Basic Information About PST File

The PST (Personal Storage Table) is a file that keeps all Outlook data, including calendar events, contacts, tasks, and more. A user may need to get contacts from a PST file in a variety of situations.

But there are multiple circumstances when users want to extract their contacts from the Outlook PST file. To understand the situation in a clear manner let us first see the user’s query. 

User’s Query

“I  discovered a number of PST files with some essential contacts while completing my office work.” However, for some reason I do not have Outlook installed on my computer. Please advise me on a safe way to extract contacts from Outlook data file without Outlook.”

In the upcoming section, we will solve the issue in the best way.  

Automated Solution to Export Contacts from PST File 

With this query, we can clearly see that the user needs a fast and accurate solution. An advanced and trustworthy Outlook PST Export wizard  files helps you to export contacts from Outlook PST files.

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As we all are aware, the PST file is supported by Outlook. Without Outlook it is impossible to view file. With this incredible wizard, you can explore .pst file attachments without Outlook installation. The software allows you to view emails , address books, calendars, etc. 

Steps to  Extract Contacts from Outlook Data File Without Outlook 

Step 1. Download and install the tool in the systemlaunch the tool

Step 2. Now, Click on Add File to load the PST filesadd pst file

Step 3. See the different preview modessee the preview

Step 4. Choose CSV or vCard file given in the optionchoose csv file

Step 5. Finally, click on the Export icon.export button

Benefits of Tool to Export Contacts from PST File 

1.This application is a stand-alone program that extracts contacts from a personal storage table. It is totally automated and ensures that no data is lost during the process.

2.Users can batch extract contacts from PST file with this program.

3.This utility can be used with any Windows version. 

4.During the process, extract contacts from Outlook data file, the software is capable of ensuring data integrity.

6.The user can preview the items before proceeding to the next step in the procedure.

7.This tool has a user-friendly interface that allows any user to complete the task quickly and easily.

8.The software works with PST files from all versions of Outlook, including 2019, Outlook 2016, and others.

Contacts from an Outlook PST file can be extracted for free.

With the tool’s demo version, one can get contacts from an Outlook data file. It has limitations and is compatible with all Windows versions. The demo version allows users to quickly grasp the tool’s functionality and features. Try the demo version first, and if you like it, purchase the tool’s licensed edition.

The Final Words

In this article, we have mentioned how to extract contacts from Outlook data file in the simplest way possible. All you have to do now is load the.pst file, and the rest of the process will be done in a few clicks. The tool is a independent application that delivers 100% of the results that the user desires. The application is error-free and maintains contact formatting throughout the procedure of export contacts from PST file.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Tool

Question 1: How do I export contacts from an Outlook 2019 PST file?

Ans 1: In three simple steps, you can quickly export contacts from a PST file without using Outlook.

  • Start the software and choose the PST files that include contacts.
  • Choose CSV/vCard as the saving format.
  • To extract contacts from a PST file without installing Outlook, navigate to the destination location and click the Convert button.

Question 2: In my PST folder, I have roughly 900 contacts. Is it possible to export all contacts from a PST file with this tool?

Ans 2: The utility does not have any limitations when it comes to exporting contacts from a PST file.

Question 3. Is there any file size restriction in this advanced software?

Ans. No, there are no such restrictions in this wizard. This feature will help the users a lot. They can easily use any size of file to extract contacts from Outlook data file.

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