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How to Extract Attachments From MBOX File – Perfect Solution

If you want to Extract Attachments from the Mbox file. You have come to the right place. Without any doubt, read this blog where we will discuss reliable methods for extracting attachments from MBOX files that can be followed without difficulty.

Users can save thousands of email messages in a single MBOX format. It’s adaptable and compact, which means you can share and access it from a variety of platforms and devices. But, because of sending and receiving emails on a regular basis.

The MBOX file size continues to grow, and attached files contained in e-mails are a significant reason for the increase in the size of the MBOX file. The attached files may contain data that will take up a lot of space. Because of this users needs to extract attachments from MBOX files.

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User Query to Extract Attachments From MBOX

“I have been a Thunderbird email application user since the time. I have joined this organization. A couple of days back, I had encountered a tragic instance where my system got crashed and later it was settled after consulting with the IT admin. Luckily, all my data was restored back without any fail.

As there are some important attachments from the MBOX file, which I do not want to lose in any way. Thus, do I need to extract attachments from the MBOX file? Please advise!”

Note:- Now, we will discuss the complete step-by-step solution to extract attachments from the MBOX file.

Automated Method to Extract Attachments From Mbox File

With the help of PCDOTS MBOX Converter Software, a user can conveniently save attachments from multiple MBOX folders in a single go. It also provides the option to extract attachments from MBOX file folders or from the selected folders.

It is the one-stop solution to extract all attachments from MBOX files and also it provides multiple naming patterns to save the file during the extraction process.

How to Use this Software

  • By clicking on the “Download” button, you can install the software.
  • Go to the “Open” menu >> MBOX File >> Choose files and to extract attachments from mbox file
  • Now, you can view a complete preview of the entire to extract attachments from mbox file
  • Click on the single email and see the content, then choose the required email from which you want to extract attachments.required email
  • After that, press the “Extract” button, and select the email elements that you want to software
  • Enter the “Destination” location, where you want to save your to extract attachments from mbox file
  • Then, you will be able to see the final message
  • Press on the “Open Folder” and see your exported data.output

Note:- To know more, you can proceed with our guide page to download MBOX attachments for Windows.

Features of the Software

  • You can save time and energy by using a utility that can export a large amount of data in a single procedure.
  • Before extracting the attachments, the user can see a detailed preview of them.
  • Not only can this software extract attachments from MBOX, but it can also export them to a variety of file types, including EML, PST, and HTML, as well as a range of email services, including Gmail, Office 365, Thunderbird, and other IMAP email clients.
  • There is no need to install any additional software to save and export data.
  • You can export many attachments at the same time and obtain the same output.
  • Both technical and non-technical individuals may use and understand it.
  • Your information will never be misused because of this tool’s safety and security.


The special software proves to be the most effective tool for extracting attachments from MBOX. Because it allows you to complete the task in the most convenient way possible. It’s easy to use and ensures a pleasant journey. As a result, we strongly advise you to use this application to retrieve attachments from your MBOX Files.

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