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How to Draw An Anime Girl Step by Step – for Kids and Beginners.

How to draw an anime girl step by step – for kids and beginners. This tutorial will be enjoyable as we learn how to draw girls step by step. Anime is computer-aided animation, but you can pull it on paper with a pen or pencil. They have shiny, rectangular eyes short hair also for girl drawing.

How to draw Manga Anime Girl

Step 1

Anime girl 1

Draw in your mind a portrait of what you are going to draw. Here we draw an anime girl; we have to remove the head, the pelvic area, and the wide shoulder with a static posture.

Step 2

First, start drawing with the basics, marking a horizontal line below the lower edge of the eyes. At the same time, draw a vertical line to divide the head into equal parts.

Second, jeans the pelvis and chest with a smooth line to easily erase it. See the image below for reference. Draw a cylindrical neck that connects the head and the body.

Step 3

Without extremes, our character is imperfect. Next, describe the long arms and legs. Draw a narrow cylindrical shape and an angular shape for the legs and arms.

Step 4

Start drawing more details about the anime girl. Draw big anime eyes, bang for the hairdo. Do not bypass the systems removed in step 2.

Step 5

In this step, design the clothes for the girl. You can develop it as your choice, which you want to wear. You can also refer to our imagination. For this, design a tiny dress with long sleeves a collar with a bow. Calf pulls for sleeves and socks on the legs.

Step 6

Up to this point, the outlines are drawn, now you can complete them. Design every detail with concentration from the warmth to the bottom. The facial expression will give it a different look.

Step 7

In this step, the dress gives the final complement. Draw the trunk slabs by drawing vertical lines. Pay attention to every part of the dress, such as calf, socks, bow tie around the neck. Do not forget to mark the wrinkles on the fabric. Also, improve your shoes. We also designed a horizontal line on the channel for an anime look.

Step 9

Anime girl 2

By this point, your girl’s anime design is ready. You can describe it by shading the neck and thighs. You can use the hatch design technique for shading.

Your anime girl is ready, and I hope she did it well and quickly.

How to draw an anime face step by step

Step 1

Anime girl 3

Draw a large circle divides it into four equal parts. Draw another prostrate bar below the lying diameter and even draw a line outside the circle

Step 2

Begin to sketch the jaws and neck from the last two lines drawn in step 1.

Step 3

Lift your jaw and draw the entire face and ears on both sides.

Step 4

Draw two eyes below the marked diameter or in the same line as the ears. Make a small line on the nose, as in the photo below.

Step 5

At the line of the big circle, draw mark 3 for the mouth. Draw the eyebrows above the eyes.

Step 6

Delete all the extra lines that have been drawn, and the contour of your face will be visible to you.

Step 7

Anime girl 4

It is the last step to design, design hair for the anime. Here, this anime girl has short hair and can also complement it with long hair.

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