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How to Customize Soccer Jerseys?

You can create your own unique and colorful soccer jerseys, incorporating the characters and designs of your favorite team. One can also include the logo of your sponsor, which is usually found on the front of the jersey opposite of the team’s name. You can also add a mascot if you so desire. But whatever design you want to create, you can do it with ease. Listed below are some tips to help you customize your soccer jerseys (maillots de foot).

soccer jerseys


One of the most common design elements on a custom soccer jersey is the team’s logo. Usually located on the left chest, above the heart, the logo is either embroidered or sewn on the jersey. Some common logos include soccer balls, shields, and the team name. The design can be any color, or it can be a combination of colors. If you have trouble creating a logo, use design software such as Adobe Illustrator to make it.

Color Print Solvent/Ecosol – An opaque white film with a satin finish, Color Print Solvent/Ecosol permits application on elastomeric fabrics. Its blocking agents reduce the dye migration. Dura print – Best for small to medium sized logos and with fine lines. It can also be applied over a screen. Depending on the size and shape of the logo, it can be applied to up to 10 colors.

Player number: The player’s name and number should be clearly visible on the shorts. Moreover, the shorts should display the player’s number on the bottom right. The shorts should be between 3.9 and 5.9 inches tall. A custom soccer jersey will have many such features, so take care to choose the best design for you. A professional design team can help you decide which elements to include on your jersey. It is important to ensure that the design meets the rules of the league, so make sure that it is compatible with the league.

Player names

When designing a custom soccer jersey, the most important aspect is to choose the proper colors, fonts, and shapes. You also need to decide where all the elements should go and what size they should be. During the process, it is also important to move the elements around continuously to avoid errors. Then, you should save the design in a format that is recommended for printing purposes. The format should be either a digital image or a vector file.

Another factor to consider is the cost of printing the design. More complex designs cost more than simple ones. Similarly, the quality of the printing can also differ depending on the technique. For example, dye sublimation printing is more expensive than screen printing, but it yields higher quality and faster processing time. If you need to order a large number of jerseys, most manufacturers will offer you discounted rates. So, it is best to check out the cost of printing the design on a custom soccer jersey before you finalize your order.

It is easy to design a custom soccer jersey. You can access sophisticated 3D online jersey design tools, which give you access to the latest uniform design technology. A custom soccer jersey is an ideal way to promote team spirit and fan enthusiasm. Customized soccer uniforms are unique and modern and reflect the player’s personality and style. In addition, they look better than stock soccer uniforms and are priced for any budget. You can personalize your custom soccer jersey by adding numbers, names, and graphics to it.


There are many reasons to include numbers on your custom soccer jersey. Early jerseys did not have names, but instead included jersey numbers for each player to help distinguish their positions on the field. These jersey numbers went from one to eleven, and substitutes began at number twelve. While many soccer players are assigned a specific number, others are not assigned a specific number for their team. Below is a breakdown of the different kinds of jersey numbers and why they are important.

Players wearing a number are not necessarily associated with that position on the field. The number 10 is commonly used by wingers such as N’golo Kante, but this doesn’t mean that a right back should wear 72. Soccer jersey numbers are no longer limited to playing positions on the pitch. Many players can choose the number that they want, whether it is the right one for them or not. The most popular style is a combination of number colors, so it is important to select a color that matches your team’s color scheme.

You can purchase a replica jersey if you prefer the look of a real player. These jerseys are made with superior materials. They are almost identical to the authentic ones, but differ in fit, fabric, and badges. Authentic jerseys are made with a slim fit and athletic design to give the player the best performance. Replica jerseys are not as lightweight as the original ones. However, they do have the same badges and logos as the authentic jerseys, and they are a good choice for those who want to support a team but can’t afford a real one.


Your team’s mascot can be a focal point of your custom soccer jersey design. Choose from a library of mascots and select the one that will represent the team’s personality. Then, choose the color and design to fit the style of your team. After choosing the mascot and design, you can start incorporating the details of your team’s mascot. Your team’s look will be complete with your logo and mascot library.

There are many ways to customize your soccer jersey. Some teams choose to add the team mascot, name, and number. Others use a single color or stripe. Adidas designers pride themselves on designing and creating a unique jersey for each team. Team Sportswear’s design process makes it easy to choose the most appropriate jersey for your team. You can get your uniforms in a timely manner, with no setup fees and a great team discount.

Using color psychology to make creative decisions is another way to use the colors in your custom soccer jersey. Consider the local wildlife, environment, or culture and find ways to incorporate these themes into your design. Using the mascot’s plumage can be a great way to remind fans and opponents of your home base. They’ll also be more likely to buy the jerseys if they’re worn by a member of your team, which will create a positive image for the team and the club.


The customization of products is becoming more popular and the custom soccer jersey is no exception. Organizations and teams are not satisfied with the traditional uniforms anymore and are looking for something that has their own unique flavor. Customizing a soccer jersey is a unique way for these organizations to show their support and pride. It can be an exciting experience for all involved. The process by a team or an individual. Here are some of the ways that you can get your logo on a custom soccer jersey.

One way to gain exposure for your business is through jersey sponsorship. A customized soccer jersey allows you to show off your brand and reach millions of potential customers. You can even add the name of a sponsor on a soccer team’s bag or team tent. However, this may not be possible in youth soccer leagues. Nevertheless, there are several ways to get your name on the jersey. The sponsor’s name will be place on the back bottom of the jersey and on the sleeve of the jersey.

Custom jerseys are not just limited to soccer teams. The NBA has also allowed logos on the jersey. The new Nike deal is expected to generate up to $100 million in sponsorship revenue per year. The logos will be located on the left-hand side of the jersey, about two-and-a-half inches in size. Despite the growing popularity of custom soccer jerseys, it’s important to keep in mind the regulations of your chosen league.

soccer jerseys


Whether you are looking for a custom-made soccer jersey for your child or your team, ADDIX has you covered. Their custom soccer jerseys come in different colors and styles and have the fastest order-to-delivery time of six business days. Design for comfort and durability, their jerseys are made with 100% polyester. The jerseys are also resistant to stains, snags, and shrinking. ADDIX 104 Lightweight Soccer Fabric is also available.

It has a smooth, form-fitting fabric that allows the wearer to move freely. The fabric use is fully sublimate, allowing maximum visibility for the sponsor logo. These features are important when purchasing a custom soccer jersey for your team. The jerseys also offer moisture-wicking capabilities. And because they’re so durable and comfortable, they’re perfect for physical soccer. And because they don’t shrink or bleed like cotton, they can be customize in less than a week.

A customized soccer jersey can be either comfortable or form-fitting, but it must contrast with the opposing team’s colors. Goalkeepers must wear different colors than in-field players. It should also feature a manufacturer’s logo. Lastly, the jersey should also have the player’s name and jersey number imprinted on the back. A good quality custom soccer jersey manufacturer will make this process easy for you. There are also several design software platforms available, so you can easily find one that suits your needs.

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