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How to Convert Image to APNG?

If you want to convert image to APNG, you’ve come to the right place. Firstly, if you don’t know what APNG is and what are the benefits of using it and why is it different from all other image formats?

You can find answers to all these questions in this blog.  After that you don’t have to go anywhere. Keeping this in mind, we have listed below some of the questions from our users that come to us every day. By reading it, what are you looking for, this is a question you can understand.

An APNG file is an Animated Portable Network Graphic, or simply, Animated PNG file. APNG files support 24-bit color and 24-bit transparency. GIF files have 8-bit transparency. This means that APNG files handle colors better and look softer when they are transparent. This is because GIF files have an 8-bit palette, which can make them look grainy. They give artists a better choice for higher quality palettes for APNG files.

User Query to Convert Image to APNG

“I have several image files saved in my system and from now on I want to convert the image to APNG. Therefore, I am looking for a solution to save the image as APNG. I tried several manual solutions to accomplish this task, but to no avail. I can find the perfect way. Can anyone give me the perfect solution?”

Hi, I’m looking for a solution to save a jpg image in APNG file format because I have to send it to someone else via email server. I have implemented several methods to export it to APNG format. However, none of them worked very well and did not give me great results. So can anyone suggest an easy and safe solution to save all my images with the APNG file extension? “

“I have 100 images in BMP format, but they need more disk space. So I want to convert BMP to APNG in Windows 11. So, is there any way to convert images to APNG smoothly?

Alternative Solution to Convert Image to APNG in Bulk

By using one of the most effective tool developed by SysTools, Image Converter Software, users can easily convert multiple images to APNG. The utility is designed with advanced technical algorithms, which allows users to perform batch conversions of data very easily in one attempt without any size limitation. This application comes with advanced settings to keep the resulting image without compression, rotation, resizing, watermarks, etc. The wizard automatically selects the desktop as the destination path. If one does not want to save the result data in the default destination location, they can browse a different destination path by clicking the “Change” button. Users can also output data to external storage devices.

Guide to Convert Image File to APNG Without Changes Quality

  • Install the Utility on your Windows Operating System and Run it

Download Image Converter

  • Add Single or Bulk Image Files

Add Image files

  • Select APNG from the drop-down export options

Choose apng

  • This software provides image resizing by changing the height and width of pixels

select size

  • Click the Convert button to start converting the image to APNG

Click on Convert

  • The conversion process starts automatically. You can view the progress report directly

Successfully convert image to APNG

Features of this Image File Converter Software

  • Flexible Graphical User Interface – This software provides user friendly interface which can be easily operated by technical and non-technical users. With a friendly interface, all users can understand it by looking at the dashboard.
  • Bulk Image Conversion – It allows users to easily convert image files to APNG without any size limitation. The software will not lose any data when converting multiple files.
  • Supports Multiple Formats – It Supports direct conversion of image files to various formats, such as PDF, DOC, DOCX, HTML and TEXT (Base64) and other formats.
  • Create One or More Files – This tool has two options to save image in destination file format:-
  1. Create one file for all images: Create a file to store all images.
  2. Create file with image: help convert file with image
  • Number of Images Per Page – It provides users with the best and most efficient features. One of them is “Click the number of images per page”. You can select multiple images to save on one page. This option is highlighted when you select Create One File For All Images.”.
  • No Additional Installation is Required – The utility works optimally without expert assistance or technical guidance.
  • Windows OS Compatibility – Compatible with all versions of Windows OS and can easily run on Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, Windows Vista and Windows XP. Also, you don’t need to install any compatible Windows application to run this software.

Wrapping Up

After reading the above article, users can easily convert images to APNG in one try without facing any issues or size limitations. Also, the free trial version of the software will be able to export the first 5 images at once. When you are fully satisfied, you can easily continue to use the licensed version to convert the image file to APNG and provide you with more amazing features.

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