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How to Backup Gmail Emails to Hard Drive on Mac Desktop?

Summary: In this article, you will find out the methods for how to save Gmail folders to Hard Drive on your system. In this following segment, we will discuss two ways to complete the process i.e. manual as well as using a professional solution. So, you can choose either of the ways which best suits your requirements.

There are almost every users who use Gmail as their default email client. For most of them their mailbox contains some crucial emails that they may want to store on their hard drive as well. These emails might contain some information related to business deals, legal info and some other important stuff.

Another benefit of backup Gmail emails to hard drive is that you can access that downloaded data in some other email client as well.

So, without going into other details for the same. Let us now find out the different ways through which you can save Gmail emails to computer on Mac OS.

Solutions to Save Gmail Folders to Hard Drive of Mac

There are two basic solutions that you can use to backup Gmail emails to hard drive-

  • Professional and Safe Solution
  • Save Gmail Emails Using Google Takeout

SOLUTION 1: Secure and Reliable Professional Solution for Mac OS

As we have discussed above that there are two methods to carry out the process on Mac hard drive. But, we suggest you all to go for the following automated tool over the manual method. It is because this professional solution is easy to operate and takes less time when compared to the manual process.

This Mac Gmail Mail Backup Software is the best tool when you want to save Gmail folders to hard drive on your Mac machine. It allows you to backup or archive Gmail to PST and into other multiple file formats on Mac computer. Then you can easily access the resultant files in their respective email applications without any hassle. Additionally, the software makes sure that the data integrity of Gmail emails will not get affected throughout the backup process.

Multiple Features of the Software for Backup Gmail Emails

Get to know about the top features of this Mac based tool in the below section –

  1. Safe solution to Save All Gmail Folders into Hard Drive with this Mac Utility
  2. You will get 5 Export Options to Backup Gmail Folders to Mac computer
  3. Moreover, there are option to save certain set of Gmail folders on laptop.
  4. It even allows you to extract all attachments from Gmail emails safely to the hard drive with same formatting.
  5. Provides security, so that the data integrity is not affected throughout the process of saving emails from Gmail.
  6. You can even use the given option to Pause & Resume the process if required
  7. This software even provides facility to delete All Gmail Emails at once after to save your storage space.

Steps to Backup Gmail Emails to Mac Computer

You can implement the following steps to complete the task on your Mac machine. Just download this software on Mac OS of any version for the same task-

  1. Enter your active Gmail Email ID and Password in the tool to authenticate
  2. Now, you need to select the file format in which you want to backup your Gmail data.
  3. The software will also provide you multiple filters to use, so you can choose any filter as per the requirement
  4. Finally, click the Start Backup button to start the process to save Gmail folders to hard drive.

SOLUTION 2: Save Gmail Folders to Hard Drive using Google Takeout

Google Takeout is a solution to backup and export Google data in zip folder on your Mac machine. For completing this task, you can perform the following the steps as mentioned below:

  1. To initiate this process, first of all, log in to the URL with the help of Google Workspace administrator credentials
  2. By default, the takeout select all the available checkboxes application of the particular account. But if you required only emails to save, then you can select only the Emails option
  3. After the selection of the Gmail option, tap the Next Stop option
  4. Now, you need to select the delivery method in this step, choose any option where you want to get the downloaded file
  5. After selecting the delivery method, choose the Frequency select how frequently you want to backup Gmail emails to hard drive
  6. After the required frequency selection, just choose the file size and file type accordingly
  7. Mouse-click on the Create Export button to execute this task

Once you complete the task till then, you’ll get an email from Takeout with a link to the archived files. From the email, choose the Download Archive to start saving the Gmail folders to hard drive. As a result, the data will move from the Gmail to the Download folder on a Mac computer hard drive.


In the above write-up, we have discussed both manual as well as automated way to save Gmail folders to hard drive. However, the manual procedure is a bit lengthy to operate and requires some technical knowledge to backup Gmail emails to hard drive on Mac OS. Thus, the best way we recommend you to go for the expert tested solution. As it is easy to operate and takes less time for the entire process on Mac machine. Moreover, the software can be used by novice users as well due to its simple graphic user interface.

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