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How to Apply to the Top Universities in China?

Step 1: Choose Your Program

Before starting the application form it is important to know what format you want to study MBBS in China. What is my passion? Who would I want to be? What am I going to do myself in the future? These questions can help you define your study of interest such as MBBS in China. You can also watch this video in choosing your dream program. However, if you do not know about top universities in China such as China Medical University (CMU) and programs, you can directly approach our recruitment experts using your search engine.

Step 2: Apply Now

After selecting an appropriate university such as China Medical University (CMU) and a program, click “apply now” to go to the fast and simple all-in-one application system. You will need to submit your application for less than 15 minutes no matter how many universities such as China Medical University (CMU) and programs you choose, you will only need to submit one application, and everything else will be done by us. After clicking the “apply now” button, you will need to either create your account or log into your account to start your online application. By logging in to your account, you can start filling out your online applications. You wi0ll need to choose your contact details, personal information, family information, financial support information, and services to suit your needs.

After filling the online application, you can upload the required documents in your online application. To help you prepare documents, please see the complete guide for preparing your documents here.

Most Importantly – MCI Approved Universities for Study MBBS in Russia

The required documents depend on the program you are applying for (non – degree, bachelor, master, or Ph.D.). In short, here is a list of documents you will need.

  1. White background professional photo.
  2. Copy of valid passport (minimum 1-year validity).
  3. Highest education transcript.
  4. Highest education graduate diploma.
  5. Personal details (for degree program application).
  6. Two recommendation letters (master and application for Ph.D.).
  7. Bank statement (sufficient finance for at least 6 months to 1 year of your expenses in China).
  8. Additional documents are required by the universities (such as non – criminal records, physical examination forms, etc.).

Step 3: China Entry Review

After you have successfully paid the application fee and submitted your application, the China admission nomination team will review your application and document and then get back to you with feedback.

Step 4: University Submission and Review

After we ensure that all your documents are ready and suitable as per the university such as China Medical University (CMU) requirements, we submit your application directly to a university such as China Medical University (CMU). Once your application is submitted to the university, we shall notify you. University processing time usually takes 4 weeks to 8 weeks as per universities such as China Medical University (CMU) and program. After carefully reviewing your application, a university such as China Medical University (CMU) can invite eligible candidates to attend online interviews. This plays an important role in the outcome of your admission.

Step 5: Admission Declaration

If you are approved, a university such as China Medical University (CMU) will issue a pre-admission notice, including schedule details, requisite duration, tuition, and required deposit fees (pre-payment). Payment or deposit in advance is to be paid to secure your admission to a university such as China Medical University (CMU).

Step 6: University Acceptance

After paying the deposit fee at a university such as China Medical University (CMU), they will prepare your admission package, including your admission notice and jw202 form (visa form), which typically takes 2 weeks to 3 weeks. Once these documents are ready, the university such as China Medical University (CMU) post will send your admission package to your current home address.

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