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How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

How much does artificial grass cost? This article discusses several important aspects to keep in mind. Price per square foot, infill, and durability are just a few things to consider. It is important to know the specifics to get the best value for your money. Read on to discover the pros and cons of synthetic grass. It may be surprising to learn that artificial grass is one of the most expensive options.

Artificial Grass Cost Depends on Several Factors

The artificial grass cost depends on several factors, including the quality of the artificial grass, the base material, padding underneath the turf, and any bordering material. Labor rates will also vary, but the average price is listed below. The average cost of synthetic turf will drop as the area of the landscape grows. A high-quality turf will be more durable than a lower-quality one, and the cost per square foot will decrease as the size increases.

Unlike natural grass, maintenance of synthetic lawn grass is minimal compared to that of natural grass. Most people do not have to water, fertilize, or mow artificial grass. Maintenance is minimal, and all it takes is a quick brushing every few weeks. There is also no need to apply pesticides, fertilizers, or other chemicals. You can choose to install artificial grass yourself or hire a professional to do the job. The artificial grass cost will depend on how large a lawn you have and the level of installation you need.

Artificial Grass Cost

Crucial Element of Artificial Grass

When installing an artificial lawn in your yard, the price per square foot of artificial grass is a crucial element. Prices vary depending on the quality of the synthetic grass you choose, the base material used, the amount of padding underneath the turf, and the type of border. Prices for installation labor are also affected by site factors. Below is a table of material and labor rates for an average-sized landscape. Keep in mind that the price per square foot of artificial grass will fall as the size of the landscape increases.

Depending on the types of artificial grass you choose, you may need to pay anywhere between £2.50 and £4.00 per square foot. The cost of polyethylene turf is slightly cheaper than polypropylene turf, but it is not as durable as nylon. You can expect to pay between £2 and £4 per square foot if you opt for this material. The same is true for nylon turf, but you can expect the artificial grass cost to be lower than the latter two.

More Durable Option for Grass

When compared to natural grass, artificial grass is a more durable option. With an impressive drain rate of thirty inches per square yard, it won’t succumb to mud, muck, or rain. And with a low wagering requirement, the grass will stay green throughout the year. Aside from this, a lawn made from this material is far less likely to suffer from brown dead patches. It will also dry up quickly after a rain and require minimal maintenance, including occasional vacuuming and repair.

Artificial Grass Cost

The fiber and backing of artificial grass are made from the same material. The fiber comes in big spools or rolls during the manufacturing process and is then threaded into the backing with a machine. The process of looping the fibers is known as tufting. It cannot be easy to spot quality artificial grass, but you’ll have a long-lasting lawn if you follow these steps.

Labor Artificial Grass Cost

Labor for installing artificial grass will vary depending on the type of grass and the location. The average installation Artificial Grass Cost will range from £2.25 to £2.75 per square foot. A 1,000 square foot plot will require around £2,500 to £2750. Professional turf installation companies usually offer a guarantee policy, which will give you peace of mind about the installation. In addition, the price of artificial grass will depend on the prep work needed to install it. Excavating and clearing the area may cost a few hundred dollars more than a low face weight version.

Final Thoughts

When you’re installing artificial grass, infill is an important element. It’s what keeps the blades of artificial grass from sagging or curling. It’s important to buy the right kind of infill for the type of use you’re installing it for. Infill is often made of synthetic material. Because it’s more expensive than natural grass, you’ll need to spend more money on infill than you might expect.

The amount of infill you choose depends on the density of the artificial grass and the expected foot traffic. The best way to decide how much infill to buy is to talk to an artificial grass expert. The professional can explain the benefits of different materials and help you decide which one is best for your lawn. A good way to decide how much infill to buy is to look at the grass’s pile height and face weight. Typically, you’ll need 2.5 to 3 pounds per square foot of infill material.


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