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How Does LiteForex Trading Company Works

LiteForex is a reliable and well-reputed company that offers its users innovative solutions for active and passive trading. It was founded in 2005 but now it is among the market leaders. It also acts as a good copy trading platform. LiteForex is famous among professional traders who have vast knowledge about trading. It is also popular among people who are inclined towards passive investing.

LiteForex has a very transparent mechanism of working, there are no hidden commissions for its users. It fulfills all needs of its clients by providing them the technical support they require. LiteForex is also partners with the Traders Union.

What Are The Advantages Of Trading With LiteForex?

Lite Forex has many advantages for its users. It provides correspondence to the A-Book model. For novice traders, it has the facility to copy transactions and it helps them in analyzing the market sentiment. It also provides many affiliate programs. While withdrawing money, commissions are paid through automatic reimbursements. Its working mechanism is very transparent and there are no hidden charges. It is very beneficial for professional traders who are interested in passive investing.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Trading With LiteForex?

There are some drawbacks of LiteForex. One drawback is that it does not offer cent accounts. Novice traders are usually very interested in cent accounts so it’s a turn-off for them. In the trading platform of the trader’s account, no supplement of additional indicators is provided. It has a complex verification procedure that is not user-friendly. No information is provided about the risk level that is assigned to traders in social trading.

SocialTrading Service At LiteForex:

The most amazing service that LiteForex is providing to its users is SocialTrading. SocialTrading has made copying transactions much easier for traders. It is a risk-free copying platform that will help you to gain passive income. Once you register with LiteForex, SocialTrading will be available in your account. It has four options for copying transactions. It provides risk management as well.

In SocialTrading whenever a trader opens an account, a risk level is set. This risk level depends on many factors like the number of transactions made, profitability, and longevity of the account. Once an investor starts copying a trader he connects his account to the trader’s account. Whenever the investor earns profit through copying transactions of the trader, he has to give commission to the trader as well.

Affiliate Programs At LiteForex:

LiteForex offers three types of affiliate programs. These are CPS, Revenue Share, and Regional Representative. You can choose the affiliate program according to your choice. You can assess which program can give you the maximum benefit and then join it.

Traders Union Has Discount Programs For LiteForex:

By joining the Traders Union rebate service you can have a reduction in your trading costs. Once you are registered at Traders Union you have to specify the account with LiteForex, you have to use the affiliate link to do so. You will be given a reward every month no matter what are the results of your trading.

Trading Conditions At LiteForex:

The trading conditions at LiteForex are easy to understand and its system is completely transparent. Two types of accounts are available at LiteForex. One is classic and the other is professional. The minimum deposit required at these accounts is 15 dollars.

Investment Education At LiteForex:

For novice traders, LiteForex has a lot of informative material available. Training sessions are available for beginners. Webinars are held to help traders to increase their analytical knowledge. There is a complete guide on how you can use the SocialTrading platform. You can use the demo account at LiteForex to learn professional trading.

Security At LiteForex:

LiteForex provides you with complete security during your transactions. It keeps your personal data confidential. It has a reliable security system for data transmission. The only drawback at LiteForex is that it is very difficult for traders to get in touch with the regulator.

Customer Support Service At LiteForex:

LiteForex provides 24/5 customer support to its traders. It doesn’t only support English-speaking clients rather it has multilingual support. It provides customer support in more than 15 languages. There is only one flaw in its customer support service i.e. it doesn’t work on weekends.

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