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How do I Export Data from Zimbra Mailbox with Attachments?

As a result, before moving on to the solution section, we need to transfer or save Zimbra’s email to a PDF folder. Here, how to use Zimbra Converter to convert Zimbra TGZ Files using Top Advice. You can easily Export Data from Zimbra mailbox in bulk using the step-by-step solution.

Why do People Prefer Adobe PDF over other Formats?

The following factors contribute to this situation:

  • Access to a portable document is possible from any computer device.
  • Sharing Zimbra messages with a second person becomes simple.
  • Without permissions, no changes or modifications can be made to a PDF file.
  • It can easily be attached to an email and sent over a public network.

What is the Best way to Export Data from Zimbra Mailbox as PDF?

When using the trial version of Zimbra Converter software, users can export the first 25 emails from each folder for free. Saving Zimbra email as PDF files with attachments is the best option. Each email will be converted to a separate PDF file using the Zimbra Converter tool. One of the most appealing features of this tool is that it offers a wide range of functions, as well as the option of saving the resulting PDF files in the same location as the source.

Users can save Zimbra emails as PDF documents by following the steps outlined above. The operation of this software does not necessitate advanced technical knowledge. A separate option for saving Zimbra email as PDF documents is available in the application. It is regarded as one of the best solutions for exporting TGZ to PDF files currently available.

Highlighted Features of Zimbra Converter

Firstly, For uploading Zimbra exported TGZ files, Zimbra Converter provides two options. Select Files or Select Folders are the options for inserting TGZ files in the software GUI.

Now, This software can convert all Zimbra data, including emails, contacts, calendars, and briefcases. Users can also convert only required data by checking only required items from the file explorer view.

During the Zimbra to the PDF migration process, the tool preserves the original folder structure. It creates a separate PDF document for each email that users can easily access.
The Zimbra to PDF Wizard can meet all of your company’s needs. To manage the resulting documents, the tool provides several file naming options.

In this paragraph, the program allows you to export data from Zimbra Mailbox to PDF/PST/EML/MBOX/Vcard format, including attachments. All email items such as To, Cc, Bcc, From, Subject, Signature, and so on will preserve.

Final Thoughts

In the conclusion, We learned how to successfully import Zimbra emails into PDF format in the previous article. This can be done with the help of Zimbra to PDF migration software, as its operation and features are stated above. Moreover, In the trial version of the software, users can export 25 emails from each Zimbra TGZ folder to a PDF folder.

However, To enjoy unrestricted migration of Zimbra emails to PDF documents, users must purchase a license for the software. This tool has given a 4.8 stars rating for performing the conversion task in minutes without losing any data or manipulation.


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