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How can I send encrypted emails using iPhone or iPad?

Emails are an integral part of life for almost all of us. Now that the world of the internet is more in trend people are communicating more through emails. There are various reasons due to which email is getting more in trend. It is so because email is perhaps the fastest mode of communication. You can easily connect with your people sitting in any part of the world.

How to define email encryption?

Well, though almost everyone by now is very well versed with the email process. But even with email service, there is so much that people do not know still. One is email encryption. Well talking about it in general email encryption is the process of encrypting or disguising the content in the email body. This is the best way to keep your privacy as well as all the sensitive information well protected under layers.

How to set email service for encryption on iPhone or iPad?

Well, to do this on any device, the process would depend on the email service that is in use. So, here further in the blog, we will focus on encrypting the emails in Gmail or Yahoo. These are two leading email services that are mostly in use by people for their professional or personal communication requirements.

How to encrypt emails in Gmail?

Well, let us see the process through which can easily encrypt emails if we are using the Gmail email service.

For doing it in the right manner please follow the steps given below

  • First of all please enable S/MINE
  • After this, please write your email message just like any other email you are writing
  • Then towards the right corner of the recipient name click on the lock icon
  • Once, you complete this  please click on the “view details” option from there you can change your S/MINE settings or the level of encryption

But if you need to encrypt emails in Gmail, then you also need to know the color codes while changing the encryption levels.

  • Green- If you see a green color signal, then in that case you be sure that your emails are in proper protection with a private key.
  • Gray- If you see a gray indication, then that means the email is well protected with the TLS. But the TLS security will only work if both the sending and the receiving email parties will have it activated.
  • Red- If there is a red indication then that means you should get your emails in your Gmail inbox encrypted.
How to encrypt emails in Yahoo mail?

If similarly, you wish to encrypt emails in Yahoo mail, then for a solution to that there is nothing that you get directly from the Yahoo mail service. But yes there are some third-party services that you may need to complete your needful with this email service.


So, yes these are the ways through which you can easily encrypt emails in your IOS device in your Yahoo mail or Gmail service. If you still need to know more, then, for information, it would be best for you to get in touch with the Yahoo and Gmail experts. The experts have all the required knowledge and skill as well as experience that they should have after spending considerable time in the technical field.

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