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Real Estate

How can a real estate gain more revenue?

Location of property

Nothing is as important as the location of the property. Be it a plot or a construction. The chances of an increase in value are higher if the location is not remote (in case the investor is looking for a short-term return on investment). A plot nearby a famous project, in an established and populated society, has a greater chance of gaining monetary value.


Availability of the amenities required on daily basis in the neighborhood ensures the value of either staying stable or moving upwards. A family person tends to move to a location where schools are in easy reach, markets are nearby, banking facility is available and hospital or clinic are accessible at any time of day and night. A neighborhood that gets deserted soon after dusk is not considered to be a valuable location unless that property is located in the posh area of DHA or Clifton.

Construction style

In the case of constructed property, the style of construction directly relates to the value. The old-styled building will be avoided unless the built depicts historic architecture (which is nearly scarce in the middle of the populated city). Modern construction which employs foreign features favored in the USA or Europe is in demand and is a definite way of getting more revenue from investment.

Investment opportunity

Taiser town is the ideal project for the lower and middle class. A large portion of the Northern bypass (about 30km of 55 km) passes through Taiser town making it an important zone in the near future. Despite being located on the Northern Bypass, Schools, Colleges, Hospitals, Banks, etc. are all in comfortable access. It is a good long-term investment in the undeveloped sectors as well as a short-term investment in developed sectors of the scheme. Taiser Town plots for sale in the phase 1 area of the project.

Maintained property

If someone is desperate to move to a different place, will he rent or buy a place that is not maintained? No, no one will go for a place to live which needs to be worked on. A place that is maintained and upgraded according to current standards will get an increased return on investment.

Commercial importance

A city like Karachi attracts people from all over the country for jobs and business. People coming from out of the city desire comfortable accommodations as the purpose is to earn and work in peace. Since there is demand for rental property, having a place nearby office/commercial areas will get a stable rental income which will increase the value of the property. The same goes for commercial properties, office buildings are important in the sense that businesses need to extend and move to larger spaces which will be beneficial for commercial property owners.

Economic stability

Cities having stable economic activity mean people earning a stable income and therefore are able to invest in properties. Plot values will gain momentum in the areas where economic activities are supported and promoted by the government Read more.

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