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How Bussmann EVK series fuses Replacing the Old Traditional Fuses?

The innovation and technological advancements that have been seen in electric vehicles or EVs are unprecedented. It cannot be compared with any other industry when it comes to advancement in such a short period.

The electric vehicles are powered by batteries and these are charged by power and the batteries store the electric power. To enable this charging and use electricity to power the vehicles, we deploy fuses and connectors cables.

The Eaton has introduced the Bussmann EVK series fuses to the automotive industry. These fuses for electric vehicles are specially designed to protect the charging system.

The fuses from this series are capable to withstand the high-powered current of the EVs.

This also manages the several charging systems and components for the commercial and passenger EV.

These are used in high-performing EVs that have high current ratings and voltage amperes. The new line of Bussmann EVK series fuses from Eaton meets the requirements of hi-tech and innovative systems of modern EVs.

The Eaton EVK series fuses are the best replacement options to the other electric vehicle fuses of the previous generation. The new and modern fuses are super fast, rugged as well as compact.

This takes only one-third of space in contrast to their older counterparts. This helps in keeping the whole segment lightweight and compact. The bulky connectors increase the weight and heavy parts generate heat that creates another problem of thermal management.

What Are the Technical Features of Bussmann EVK series fuses?

The current requirements of modern EVs were not able to be fulfilled by the previous generation of fuses. This would cause the failure of some of the crucial components and charging systems.

The Bussmann EVK series fuses are also referred to as the rugged fuses for the EVs, these are specially made to provide the best performance and activate the protection features of high functioning electric vehicles.

The range starts from 15 amperes to 600 amperes for auxiliary components. The voltage rating also has a wide range of up to 1000 VDC.

The EVK series fuses for electric vehicles provide the current limitations that restrict the fault of the energy. It increases the chances of survival of the system components during crashes or shock.

During the shock or crash, the circuits might start to spark then these fuses restrict the present power. This enables the interruption of the circuit and avoids any greater damage before taking place.

This is considered one of the many amazing benefits of the Eaton fuses.

How Is The Right Replacement For Old Fuses?

The new and modern fuses for electric vehicles are more advanced to support the complex system and architecture of vehicle acceleration and range.

The acceleration and range of the electric vehicle require modern and new technology-based connectors and cables.

The rugged connectors from the EVK series deliver the right protection to the system.

The EVK series is designed to be compatible with the increased capacity of the battery and technology. The new and modern EVs have solid-state batteries with dense energy.

The Bussmann EVK series fuses provide the right thermal solution by distributing the heat away from weak and sensitive spots that can damage the enclosed spaces due to overheating.

This particular EV fuse from Eaton provides the best resolution for the heating issue by overhauling the high temperature and handling the heat appropriately.

The right thermal solution provides the key benefit for the high-power fuses. It also takes less space due to its smaller build, which is beneficial in keeping the structure lightweight and providing short circuit protection to the conductors.

The thermal solution to the battery pack and other components is very important. Lack of efficient thermal solution will introduce the issues like damage to the battery or charging area.

The Bussmann series fuses for electric vehicles take up 33% less space than the older version of EV fuses.

These are available in 8 different sizes and layouts making them useful to be used in several applications.

EVK series fuses the full range of system protection to the applications. These also fulfill the demands of the high voltage battery packs. This ensures the circuit’s protection from the other components as well.

These are optimized to provide the optimal level of performance in various unique driving and charging conditions.

It delivers the appropriate amount of switching and protection of drive inverters and batteries. You can put enough protection for the DC auxiliary circuit protection. Another feature that is newly introduced is the onboard charging protection.

The Bussmann fuse is very common in cars, mostly used in the audio systems of vehicles. One other use is in marine devices. It protects the wire from high surge and overloading and protects the inverter or battery so it is used in marine applications.

The fuses will minimize the power and reduce the arc-flash risk to the lowest level. The feature of time delay closes on small motors and circuits that provide the highest current rating protection.


The new and highly efficient Bussmann EVK series fuses from Eaton are designed for modern and high-performing electric vehicles.

We are an authorized channel partner of Eaton’s fuses segment. We also have the other components of EV manufacturing like battery packs and parts.

E Control Devices

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