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History And Discovery Of Natural Yellow Sapphire Stone

Among the nine gems known as Navratanas in Hindu scriptures, yellow sapphire is a very auspicious and beneficial stone. This powerful gemstone has different names such as pukhraj stone, Pushparaag, Peetmani, Guru Ratna, Gurupriya, and Pushparaaj stone. It has a connection to the planet Jupiter, which is the most massive planet in the solar system and has a special role in astrology. The Pukhraj Stone inherits the qualities of Jupiter and has unique advantages over other precious stones. To get the best results from this stone, the wearer should consult an expert astrologer and a Gemologist to check its compatibility with them.

The Quality of Yellow Sapphires

The quality of the stone is an important factor to consider when buying a yellow sapphire stone. It has different shades, from light yellow to dark golden yellow. The most precious yellow sapphires are those that have a rich, deep yellow color. It’s also important to check the cut, clarity, and carat weight of the stone. A stone with a good cut will have a good balance of brightness and fire, while a stone with a high clarity will have few flaws. Lastly, a stone with a higher carat weight will be bigger and more precious.

The cut of the stone is important because it affects how the stone reflects light and sparkles. A stone with a good cut will have a lot of brilliance and fire. The clarity of the stone is important because it affects how clear and flawless the stone is, making it more precious. Lastly, the carat weight of the stone is important because it affects how large and precious the stone is.

The History of Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

Yellow Sapphire stone is a very significant stone in Hinduism, as it is the assistant of the Hindu God, Ganesh. Just as Ganesh brings wealth to a home, Yellow Sapphire brings prosperity. People in India and the Middle East have been wearing this stone for a long time to boost their businesses.

As per Vedic astrology, this stone has various names, Pukhraj, Pushkaraj, and Pushparagam in Hindi, and it is associated with the planet Jupiter. The planet Jupiter represents wisdom, power, good fortune, knowledge, and wealth.

This is why many people believe that this gemstone brings a lot of wealth and good fortune to the wearer. The yellow hues of this stone are because of the aluminum oxide in it. Some people believe that these hues are due to the stone’s connection with the magnificent planet Jupiter.

The Discovery of Yellow Sapphire

The Discovery of the Original Yellow sapphire stone is related to their discovery. Yellow sapphires have been mined in Sri Lanka, formerly called Cylon, for at least two millennia, and the mining still goes on. Other places where yellow sapphires are found include Myanmar, Thailand, India {Kashmir}, Australia, Cambodia, and the U.S. (Montana).

Yellow Sapphire Gemstone benefits

Yellow Sapphire is a powerful and lucky gemstone that can bring a lot of positive energy and optimism to the wearer. This gemstone, which is the birthstone for September, is very trustworthy and safe to wear. It belongs to the Corundum family of gemstones, along with Ruby (Manik) and Blue Sapphire (Neelam). The amount of iron in it determines its yellow color.

Yellow Sapphire Gem is a precious and powerful gemstone that can bring amazing benefits to your life when worn properly. This gemstone protects the wearer from harm and gives women marital bliss and fulfillment. Some of the benefits of Pukhraj for a female are a loving and wealthy husband, love, marital harmony, children, and happiness in her married life.

Brhaspati Grah is also known as Jupiter. Therefore, people who work as lawyers, judges, teachers, scholars, and writers gain a lot from it. It enhances their ability to deal with unclear situations. The Pukhraj Stone is help You to make an Decision in your life as well it helps you to be disciplined, set goals in your life and achieve maximum success In your life.

By wearing a Pukhraj Ratan, one can neutralize the negative effects of Jupiter, the most favorable planet. The person who wears it experiences the rare joys of life such as intelligence, success, and loyal friends. Jupiter also influences one’s spiritual inclinations, which are further enhanced by the Yellow Sapphire stone to achieve more harmony with spirituality.

Pukhraj stone has countless benefits and it can heal diseases related to the kidneys, mouth, fever, cough, and rheumatism. The yellow sapphire’s powers shield its wearer from any unexpected death. A Pukhraj stone gives mental peace, courage, and happiness. Yellow Sapphire reduces one’s anger and keeps the wearer calm and composed. It can also decrease fat in the body and heal problems related to the skin and throat. The pukhraj gemstone is also help the blood flow and Speed Up the healing of brain disorders

Natural Yellow Sapphires Gemstone vs. Lab-Created Synthetic Yellow Sapphires Stone

Yellow sapphires are a kind of natural or synthetic gemstone. Natural ones form slowly in the earth’s crust, while synthetic ones can be produced fast in labs, Natural sapphires are also more expensive per carat because they are rarer and more in demand.

The color of yellow sapphires can vary from pale yellow to deep orange-yellow. Some of them look like yellow diamonds, which makes them more popular. The most common preference is for a medium, bright canary yellow color, but some people in other countries like a darker, more orange-yellow color (similar to whisky).

The color of this Pukhraj Stone is Due to the presence of iron as a trace element. More iron means more color intensity.  Heat treatments have made yellow sapphires more available in the market today, but unheated ones with strong colors are still very rare.

Yellow sapphires also have fewer inclusions than other sapphires. Inclusions are flaws or impurities inside the stone. Sometimes, titanium can make yellow sapphires look greenish, which lowers their value. The most valuable yellow sapphires are those that are relatively titanium-free.

Price Of Natural Yellow Sapphire Gemstone

The Original Pukhraj stone price varies from INR 5,000–15,000 depending on its quality. You can buy it easily at the online store of Rashi Ratan Bhagya. Only the Natural Yellow sapphire stone will have its effect on the wearer giving amazing benefits. This is why it is the preferred choice of people for attracting successful careers.

Wrapping Up

Yellow sapphire is a very valuable and auspicious gemstone that has a long history and a strong connection with the planet Jupiter. It has various names and shades, and its quality depends on its cut, clarity, and carat weight.  believed to bring wealth, wisdom, happiness, and prosperity to the wearer, especially for women and people in certain professions. It is also a very safe and reliable gemstone that can protect the wearer from evil and misfortune. Yellow sapphire is a gemstone that can enhance one’s life in many ways. So now here is some good news for gemstone lovers, now you can buy any gemstone online from the Rashi Ratan Bhagya website they are a loose gemstone wholesaler since 1985, and they deal gemstones like Ruby, Blue Sapphire, Emerald, Pearl, and Diamond and so many other precious and semi-precious gemstone at best price with the certificate of authenticity.

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