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Here Are The Simple Steps To Open A FD Account Online

You may be acquainted with the procedure of utilizing your standard savings account to create a new FD account at your bank. However, it takes a different procedure when you have to create a new FD account with PNB housing.

What are the documents necessary? Which steps are required to open the FD account? Read on to know all about opening an FD account with PNB housing and get attractive PNB Housing FD interest rates.

Documents Required:

These documents are essential in opening an FD account:

For a Person:

  • Passport size photographs.
  • Copy of PAN card
  • Copy of address proof (voter card, AADHAAR card, etc.)

For Non-Individuals:

Trusts, clubs, organizations, public/private limited businesses, cooperative societies, society banks, and partnership enterprises are examples of non-individual entities. Documents required by them are:

  • A copy of the issuer’s PAN card
  • A copy of the issuer’s proof of residence
  • A photo of the authorized person on behalf of the entity

How to Open an FD Account?

Here is a simple tool to help you out if you’re going to any PNB housing branch to open an FD account:

Online Method:

You can Open FD Account Online by following this procedure:

  • Log in to the online system at the PNB housing’s official website using your user id and passcode.
  • Select ‘Deposits’ from the menu area.
  • Select ‘Fixed Deposit’ from the ‘Deposits’ menu.
  • You may start by entering the amount you want to deposit and then the time you want to keep it.
  • Fill out the essential fields and upload the appropriate documents.
  • The lender will check your information, and if it is confirmed to be valid, the bank will Open FD Account Online in your name.

Offline Method:

1st step:

  • Fill out the application form accurately. The following are crucial considerations to keep in mind while filling out the FD registration form:
  • Fill in all essential information accurately, including the applicant’s name, residence, PAN, and bank account information.
  • Duration of a fixed deposit in months
  • Details of payment (draft, RTGS/NEFT, UTR number)
  • Compound or non-cumulative deposit options (monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annually)
  • Instructions for repayment
  • Instructions on taxation
  • Mode of FD certificate delivery (by post, courier, hand, or broker)
  • Fill in the banking information for repayment and the nominee information accurately on the second page.
  • Attach your most recent colour passport picture and sign across it.
  • Finally, sign your name at the location indicated on the application form.

2nd step

Prepare all self-attested copies of applicants’ KYC papers (PAN card, Aadhar card, Voter ID) that you want to submit.

3rd step

Now go to your local PNB Housing branch and drop over the fully completed application form, KYC papers, and a check/draft. If you have chosen door-step help, you may also send the paperwork to the business representative.

4th step

The bank will book your FD after the application form and KYC papers have been validated, and the bank will send the authorization to the address you provided. Your registered cellphone number will also get an SMS confirmation.

In Conclusion

Because of their risk-free status, fixed deposits have proven to be a reliable investment choice for many. Fixed deposits are now available from various banks and non-financial institutions, as well as post offices. The points given above will help you open an FD saving account with attractive PNB Housing fd interest rates.

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