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Healthcare Marketing: Importance of a medical health

When you have a healthcare marketing problem, you must ask friends and acquaintances if they know a specialist in that field or search the yellow pages for professionals active near your home. Unfortunately, the two search tools we reported to you are now obsolete, given that most users usually search the web for a doctor’s office, a dentist, a surgeon, or a clinic.

By entering some keywords on search engines, the user can know, in a very short time, the list of doctors ‘ offices or specialists operating in the vicinity. If you want to attract new customers or grow your healthcare business, let’s see how important geo-location can be.

Geo Localization: What it is and How to Exploit it

In recent years, the number of doctors’ offices and outpatient clinics in our area has multiplied, offering patients competitive prices, reduced waiting times, innovative services, and the possibility of receiving news and health information via email. The growth of competition in the healthcare sector has pushed more and more professionals to seek cutting-edge solutions to win over patients, and the web has become the main tool for sponsoring their services.

One of the simplest healthcare marketing agency that can be adopted to increase visibility and the patient base is to take advantage of geo-localization. When a user needs a dentist, he no longer searches for him on the yellow pages.

The search engine shows the user the dentists in Padua closest to the position recorded by his GPS or IP address. If you have entered a precise address of your business or a map on your website, the user can view it in the search engine results. Otherwise, you will not be present, and the potential client will choose to go to another doctor’s office.

The geo-location serves the medical health activity to attract potential customers who live nearby and seek medical attention. According to recent research, a user who views a clinic or outpatient clinic address within the next 24 hours will visit the website and book an appointment.

Creating an activity sheet on Google My Business is necessary to take advantage of geo-localization in the healthcare sector. This free tool allows dental offices, aesthetic clinics, physiotherapy centers, or other medical activities to be present on the web and found immediately by customers.

If you enter your medical practice on My Business, you can get reviews that will increase your ranking on the search engine and allow you to gain visibility.


Geo localization can be exploited on search engines to attract all users looking for a doctor’s office or a specialized cynic nearby and on social media marketing. Let’s see how to do it. First, you must create company profiles on the main social media marketing to offer customers cutting-edge health services and provide up-to-date information and news.

Healthcare marketing professionals have understood for several years how social media marketing can get a medical business off the ground and are using them to achieve their goals. However, if your main purpose is to intercept all local customers, you will have to focus on sponsored ads based on geographic location.

The main social media marketing allows you to insert sponsored advertisements for your medical-health activity, which can be viewed by users who live or work in your area. If they need a dentist or an analysis, they will click on the banner they viewed.

In a healthcare social media marketing can be the perfect showcase for aesthetic clinics, outpatient clinics, physiotherapy centers, etc. because they allow you to share updates, images, videos, informational articles, and other types of content with customers.

On social media marketing, many healthcare businesses adopt visual marketing strategies to attract customers: use captivating images to promote a new service, make short videos to explain a specific medical procedure, and create virtual tours of the doctor’s office, doctors, and health personnel. These healthcare marketing strategies entice the user to book a visit, request more information, and above all, prefer your business over a competitor that is not so interesting and captivating.


Always relying on geo-location and, in particular, local marketing, you can grow your healthcare marketing in no time. For analysis laboratories or physiotherapy centers that want to build customer loyalty or acquire new patients, in addition to taking advantage of the geo-localization, other healthcare marketing strategies can help you: insert on the website or specialized platforms, the possibility of making online reservations or viewing the results of analyzes or periodic examinations in the personal area.

To always be close to patients and provide them with useful and timely information, you can think of inserting on your website a virtual assistant who takes care of customers in real-time; Still, with a view to healthcare marketing, you can also decide to create a newsletter to update patients on news, ongoing promotions, or if there are appointments at the doctor’s office that you should not miss, such as hearing measurements or the free diet plan.

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