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Health Science Courses in UK

The health science courses in UK are among one of the top courses that the students choose to pursue. As the people are becoming more conscious about their health-related issues and physical fitness. Therefore, there is a huge demand for this course worldwide. There are various top-class universities in UK that provide various health science related programs to the students.

What is health science course?

Health science is the application of science to the health of an individual. Therefore, this course helps to give information related to the risk of the disease one is prone to have. Also the course helps us to detect the outcome of the treatment given to an individual. In other words, the course guides how one can take precautionary measures and protect themselves to avoid diseases. 

This course is best for the students who are passionate about knowing the facts related to the human body. However, this also gives facts on how one can maintain good health and live a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, the course provides you with various good job opportunities all over the world. 

The graduates from the health science may seek employment opportunities in the healthcare industry in a variety of roles. It offers various jobs for example Dietitian, Clinical Psychologist, Pharmacist, Radiologist, Nurse, etc. However, there are many universities in UK that facilitate students with various specialized programs in Health Science. Thus, the students have a wide choice to opt for the specialized subject they are interested in.

Why Choose health Science Course in UK?

The universities in the UK provides students with a wide range of Health Science programs at bachelor’s as well as master’s level. Also, some universities in UK provides the world’s best faculty of health science. The universities focus on providing the practical based knowledge to the students.  According to the QS World University Rankings, 70 UK universities are ranked among the world’s best healthcare institutions. 

There is huge scope for the research based studies in UK universities. Apart from this the universities also have a partnership with various world-class health care industries and hospitals that helps students to do internships in those industries. The partner industries also give preferences to the students of the partnered university and see them as their future employees. The Universities also provide you with extensive analysis and statistics for the research and development projects.

Here are some top specialized Health Science courses that UK universities have to offer:

  • Nursing

    Nursing is a training given to take care of the patient and assist the doctor. Also, they are trained to take care of the general management of the hospital.
  • Food and nutrition

It is a course which provides skill as well as knowledge to determine the portion of nutrition in the food. It also helps in determining the time for which the food can be preserved and stored and many other details like processing, components, etc. 

  • Physiotherapy

This is a course that provides the knowledge of certain exercises or body movements to improve the muscular or bone damage in the body. Students can opt for this subject at the bachelor’s level as soon as they complete their 12th with a minimum percentage of 50%.

  • Pharmacy

This course is for the students who wish to go into the medical field providing knowledge regarding medicines. It is one of the best options in health science.

  • Public health

This course gives you the general knowledge to work on a wide range of issues in a public health department. The course includes every topic related to the public health including Covid-19, hygienic conditions, health care policies, etc. 

  • Dentistry

It is a branch of health science that gives the knowledge as well as transferable skill set to deal with the oral health problems.

Here are some top universities in UK that offer health science courses:

Keele University 

Keele University is a world-renowned university for its teaching expertise and research that focuses on the world’s most urgent problems. The university aims to prepare practitioners to lead and manage change in a global health care environment. It provides health science courses, for example, Health and Rehabilitation, Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, etc.s

University of Aberdeen 

The university provides a flexible and individual approach to studies. It has Multidisciplinary research centres providing facilities to students to undertake their own research. The university offers various Health science courses like Applied Science, Health Data Science, Nutrition and Wellbeing, Public Health, and various other

Robert Gordon University

The university provides facilities that will have the real influences on your capacity to learn. They provide with the skill set that students require to thrive throughout their careers. The university provides one of the health and sport science courses. It offers courses like physiotherapy, public health, etc.

Queens Margaret university

It is one of the top universities known for its health science related courses. The university has green and vibrant campus attracting international students. The school of health science of the university offers the largest range of professional healthcare courses of any university in Scotland. It offers courses like Dietetics, Nutrition, Biological Sciences, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, etc.

Cardiff University

This is a public research university located in Cardiff, Wales. It is ranked 34th in The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021. The university has 7900 students from over 130 nationalities promoting cross cultural exposure to the students. The university covers a broad range of healthcare science courses including clinical photography, midwifery, nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, etc.

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